why is there no data available?

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why is there no data available?

all my pre-set pvr'd shows are not recording? why?




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Re: why is there no data available?

No data is usually a communication or signal issue


Are you getting regular live TV ok?


Try rebooting the box first.. beyond that.. might be a communication issue..

would be best to call in and see if they are able to see the box from their end, etc.
Might know if there are issues in the area.

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Re: why is there no data available?

Dah. Solution found... simply reboot . Really? HOW .

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Re: why is there no data available?

Guessing you are new to the life of Nextbox.  


There are two ways to reboot - one, unplug from the back of the box, the power cord, wait 10-30 seconds, then plug back in, it will go through the rebooting process.


If the box is still running but odd things like you described around recordings, then you can go to settings on the remote and go to trouble shooting and reset the box - do not do the factory reset though - you will wipe everything to be a new box, although sometimes it is necessary to do that.


The signal issue, can be found on your own box, but I won't try to explain it at this point.  It is best for you to work directly as a new customer with tech support - call in and choose tech support for Cable/TV, or use the chat in MyRogers, or you can also ask for support directly from Rogers staff by sending a PM message to communityhelps (sorry, but I don't know how to explain that in detail, other than that if you go to your icon in the top right corner, and open it, you will find a messenging symbol (envelope) in the middle, open it, put communityhelps as the recipient, and put the topic in the subject line and request support.  They will contact you back via the Private messaging system - you will see a number on your icon, and when you go in you will see a number over the envelope.  They will start a chat with you to work with you.


The issue of signal strength is well known with these boxes, and can interfere with many things.  As you are learning the box and getting comfortable, it is best to contact support, and if they can't resolve, have them open a ticket and move to a higher tier level.  It may be necessary for a tech to come out and trouble shoot, or to exchange the box.


One thing to keep in mind when looking for answers here is that most of us, other than the moderators, are just customers, and users, just like yourself, and some of us have offered to learn the system and pass on our knowledge and guidance, but for this type of thing, it really is best to go directly to support - it will take some time, but we really are limited at making suggestions much beyond what you received.  I am glad you indicated that you did not know how to reboot - it is a good thing to know and the first troubleshooting requested by support, and for you to try on any Rogers equipment.


I wish you luck, your problem is not unique, but based upon observations, is rare. Tech may be able to guide your through what is going on, and while you are at it, ask anything else from them as a new customer.


By the way, welcome to the forums.