tv front display screen message

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tv front display screen message

I cannot remove the front display from my tv screen. it indicates "Rogers HDMI 1". Then it indicates the tv will turn off in a minute. I attempted to restart the box, but no change. Help!



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Re: tv front display screen message

The rogers boxes only have one HDMI input..  So my guess is its the TV which is displaying it.

Most TVs will have an INFO button or something similar.  This will usually bring up channel number if it was using it, or which input it was on.
I would try looking for a INFO or Display button and try pressing it to turn it off.
(The reason it may say rogers.. some allow custom names, or will actually pull from the devices.  My video game TV pulls some systems names automatically (like pulled xbox 360 automatically)

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Re: tv front display screen message

Yes, this is probably the TV that is displaying what's on that input.  It may be doing so because the Rogers box has been turned off and there is no signal to the TV.  Many TVs will turn themselves off if they receive no signal for a certain period of time - say 10 minutes.


Check to make sure the HDMI connection is good at both ends and that the Rogers box is turned on.  You can also try switching inputs on the TV and then back to the appropriate input for Rogers. Note that the Rogers boxes have one output, not input.... 😉