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tv channels



I live in a house where we have the PVR in the basement and a second TV upstairs in one of the bedrooms, why would we not get the same channels on both TV's?????




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Re: tv channels

Dumb question, but do you have a box on the tv upstairs?
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Re: tv channels

As lurker said... you need a BOX to receive the same channels.

All channels generally are DIGITAL now, requiring the digital boxes, to view.
Without a digital box, you only get the few sparce (and disapearinig) analog ones.

Channel wise then.. still can then vary.

An digital adapter, will only get channels 1-60 odd.
A SD box, wont get any HD channels.

Beyond that.. even just something as simple as a signal problem to another outlet, can prevent some channels from comming through (assuming that you have a box on the other tv)