nextbox 3 has undefined recording

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Re: nextbox 3 has undefined recording

The audio issue, which has now been resolved...  Other than that, its hit and miss on the NB3 for others.

Myself, and about 8+ other people i personaly know, have the NB3, and run it with NO issues at all.  About the only thing, is the GAP issue which shows up on the recorded list (which a reboot fixes).  Other than that, no recording, playback, etc issues.

Personally.. i beleive it works pretty fine.
As much as the other above did... like the user above.. when i was renting my 8300.. i usually had to swap it 2x a year for issues 😛


Its all hit and miss... environment.. whats connected.. signal, etc.. so many facors i think.

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Re: nextbox 3 has undefined recording

Well here it is, we're into 2016 and I'm just over 1 week with my new NextBox 3.0 Christmas gift and the "Undefined WED 12/31 7:00 0min" problem (years old I understand) has already hit me. It is obvious from the web that this Undefined or null is a very old problem and should have been fixed many many months ago. Of course that assumes that it can be fixed. I suspect that it cannot. I am very disappointed. There is so much excellance in NextBox 3.0 and it all gets tarnished with unreliable recording.

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Re: nextbox 3 has undefined recording

Moderator ???   Response to the reason for all of these undefined recordings.

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Re: nextbox 3 has undefined recording

So one more item not fixed, and has actually become worse (don't know if it is totally box, or also on demand and shomi servers), but the undefined is a PVR issue.  Not a new issue, precedes next box, but come on, since you are in there fixing over the last 5 months, that is right I hope, why not deal with some of the critical old issues. too.


Comments moderators, directly from the teams involved preferrably.  No, we know about it and it is being dealt with.  What exactly are they doing.



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Re: nextbox 3 has undefined recording

Good Afternoon @crpl2,


Welcome to the Community Forums!


We are sorry to hear you are having difficulty with your new Nextbox 3.0. 


We are aware of this issue and are working on a resolution for this error. In the meantime, I will escalate this issue by creating a ticket which will allow us to notify you when the issue is fully resolved.


We will be sending you a private message from @CommunityHelps to gather your account information. 


I would suggest following @Gdkitty's advice and re-booting your box. Many users have had success clearing this error by a simple reboot.


Looking forward to hearing from you,



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Re: nextbox 3 has undefined recording

I have noticed that if you used the series record (3 discs) while watching the episode of the series that there was no indication that itresults in no evidence that it wis or will be scheduled to record. I then went to the future recordings page (~List ~List) and viewed recordings by Date, by Title and by Channel - but the recording was not there. But to my surprise when I went to Series, there it was. It was then obvious that the recording record was cluged. Fortunatly under "Series" any series could be Modified or Canceled - so I cancelled it. I suspect very strongly that had I not cancelled that it would have created an "Undefined WED 12/31 7:00 0min" record every time an episode of the series started and would not have recorded any episode. So the deduction is you can use the series record (3 discs) but not if an episode is currently being broadcast. I am not activley testing only observing my Nextbox so if this conclusion is incorrect please let me know.

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Re: nextbox 3 has undefined recording

I want to rent a movie but channel 100 just keeps loading and it's undefined..I tried rebooting it twice and it still dosn't work
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