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Resident Expert
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Re: movie entertainment magazine

Hello kit2,

Maybe its possible the Movie Entertainment Magazine subscription settings is NOT handled by Rogers cable, it might have been linked to a customer account at one point but try phoning or contacting the parent company of Movie Entertainment Magazine for more help. The magazine is produced by the owners of TMN The Movie Network, which is now called Crave. Crave should be the ones to handle the subscription.

Here is what I found from the Crave web site:

Movie Entertainment is distributed monthly to Canadian homes in Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. We are committed to enhancing our readers' home entertainment experience.

Contact your TV provider to subscribe, or call 1-866-332-8878.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: movie entertainment magazine

Thanks. I'll give that a shot. I think I have tried it before and it just tells me to contact my TV provider