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movie entertainment magazine

I Plan to Stick Around

Who is responsible for the mailing address changes for the Movie Entertainment magazine that comes when you subscribe to the Movie Network channel?


I have been trying to do this for 6 months and have been bounced around to different departments.


The address for my main account is correct but somehow they can't figure out how to change the magazine address.


any ideas folks!


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Re: movie entertainment magazine

Hello @peterfranklee,


Regretfully, The Movie Entertainment Magazine is not available with Rogers Ignite TV at this time.


So sorry for any inconvenience.



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Re: movie entertainment magazine

Resident Expert

Hmm.. not quite sure on this..

When i moved houses.. i started to GET this mag again (i DIDNT want it, so had to call back in and cancel it)... but when i moved and services re activated at the new house.. it came auto to the new address..

Re: movie entertainment magazine

I'm an Advisor

I had this problem many years ago and found out back then that a third party is responsible for magazine distribution. Of course, it may be different these days. Like Gdkitty, though, I don't like or want the magazine, so cancelled it from my package long ago. Publications like that seem redundant in the digital age and I'm surprised Rogers still does it.

Re: movie entertainment magazine

I Plan to Stick Around

I like the magazine because I can go through the listings and pvr movies to watch at a later date.


I have called Rogers magazine service, TMN, and the subscription number in the magazine as well as  Rogers themselves to no avail.

Shall start back at the beginning with Rogers and see what happens.


I wish the Post Office hadn't changed our address because this is where the problem started.

Re: movie entertainment magazine

Oh, so its the SAME house, the post office just changed the address/postal code for it?


Yeah.. since no change was made IN the rogers system as a move.. that could be why, how they normally process the change..


When you call in, try to escalate it to a manager.

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