how to contact rogers outdoor cable service?

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how to contact rogers outdoor cable service?



I'm trying to reach the rogers outdoor cable service people to discuss the replacement of my cable.

I have pattern concrete on my driveway and I don't want them to cut it. When I had the concrete done, I ran PVC pipe underneath it and when the cable was first installed it was ran through the pipe. I want to let them know that this is available and that there is no need to cut.

I've tried the 1800rogers1 number and  18006709607 but I cant seem to fined someone speak to, any assisance is greatly appreciated.


Thank you  


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Re: how to contact rogers outdoor cable service?

IF you need/want your cable from the box changed... it needs to be initiated by a tech usually as far as I am aware.
A tech will come out, usually set up a TEMP line, then put a ticket in for them to set up a cable bury for the full real line.
Once that is done, there should be something on file, for the cable bury.

When I was having mine done, ran into some issues (long story, but they DIDNT bury a cable, and said they did), there is a Dept for the cable burying..
But I wasnt given the number, etc till that point.
Likely cant reach them until a ticket for the replacement is done.

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Re: how to contact rogers outdoor cable service?

In other words, contact technical support first by phone or via chat - see link below. I prefer chat because that gives me a record of the conversation via e-mail.  They may need to send an inside technician first, as mentioned above, or if you have an active issue, they may send an outside technician right away.  You may even be able to set an appointment window (say 2 hours?) so you can be there so they don't cut.


Why do you need the cable replaced?

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Re: how to contact rogers outdoor cable service?

While 888-764-3771 is Rogers Cable's best toll-free number, there are 5 total ways to get in touch with them. The next best way to talk to their customer support team, according to other Rogers Cable customers, is by calling their 800-880-3452 phonenumber for their Customer Service department.