X1 IPTV service

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: X1 IPTV service


These are all great questions that I didn’t ask to be honest. Based on the fact that he offered the same package chances are they are still the same packages.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: X1 IPTV service



No problem... Thanks for letting me know. Appreciate it.


Yeah it looks like they will be offering the same packages then.


I'm sure we'll all find out really soon....as It looks like they will be launching the pricing/package details etc. on the website within the next few weeks...

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Re: X1 IPTV service

I have also been contacted recently regarding Ignite TV (IPTV). I would like to share the following information, which may duplicate what has been reported earlier, however, may provide a good summary for those who need to know some of the technical information. The Ignite CSR was very knowledgeable addressing my questions well.


1. Since I currently own 4 Rogers boxes, I wanted to run at least a couple of these in parallel with Ignite. This is not possible. You need to switch completely.


2. I have existing Internet and Home Phone (yes, I still have a home phone) but even those change somewhat and become part of the Ignite bundle.


3. Ignite does not run Navigatr firmware. It runs something different and has numerous “nice to have features” like searches that can include Netflix or YouTube. If you wish to see what the interface looks like, search the web for “YouTube Xfinity” which is the Comcast system. Or go to YouTube and search “Comcast Xfinity.” or use other similar search terms. Rogers is not identical, but similar. Post 175 of this thread, has some useful links:




If you search the Rogers Website for “Ignite TV”, there are several additional links available.


4. There is one “Modem” that can be placed anywhere in the home (what we usually call the demarcation point). The various boxes that you would use for various TVs in your home are wireless. The “modem” takes care of everything – TV, Home Phone, Internet, however it doesn’t have internal battery backup, so I would suggest a UPS for anyone considering Ignite. If there are issues with the wireless operation, Rogers will supply hardware to make things work.


5. From the FAQs it looks like you can record up to 8 simultaneous recordings.


6. There is no Hard Drive to save your recordings. Your recordings are allocated to a space “in the cloud” (Rogers Servers?). You can record up to 200 hours before programming would automatically be deleted (oldest first). There also appears to be a one-year time limit, so no archiving beyond that. In the future there may be an option for more storage at additional cost, but this should be more than adequate for most families. It appears that you can download recordings to an app, so there is a bit of archiving possible that way.


7. All the TV set top boxes are 4K and the 4K channels are included at this time. 


8. The remote has a voice command option (you press a button and talk into the remote). This allows you to search for programming, set recordings, etc. It also allows “voice guidance” (for visually impaired - see the YouTube Videos, etc.)


9. The FF and REW speeds should be similar to what we have with Navigatr on a NB3/9865, however, I would have to check myself to see how “responsive” the commands are when compared to the 9865, which is “instant” when it comes to pressing Play/Pause, etc. I know I could not put up with the slow response that I see when using VOD for example. I do not watch any live TV, only recordings, so the button presses must be acted on instantly. There is apparently a programmable “skip” feature, which allows you to skip forward various times (in say minutes). I don’t know the limitations of this skip feature, but perhaps we can get feedback once people have Ignite in their homes and use these functions.


10. The TV boxes only have HDMI out. If you wish to connect to an older devices without HDMI, you’ll need to purchase a converter.


There are way too many features for me to go into in this one post, however, the links in post 175, the YouTube videos and searches of Rogers Website will provide lots of additional information for those interested.


Pricing. Although I’m not going to discuss exact pricing, it will vary with your package. For example, I currently have the grandfathered Ultimate VIP with Movies. In order to get something similar with Ignite TV, I’d be on the “Premiere” TV package, plus have to pay a bit more for some channels that are not in Premiere. I was provided with the option to have 500 mbps/unlimited Ignite Internet, along with a Home Phone package similar to what I currently have. Unfortunately, the price of all this was a lot more than I’m currently paying. I therefore declined to switch at this time. At this price point, I don’t believe that Rogers will get many “average customers” to switch. This price point appears to be for early adopters or people in the top 5%. It’s not a matter of “too little, too late” because the technology appears to be great, but I would say it’s “too expensive, too late.” This will be a tough sell for Rogers with many people looking at cord cutting or cord minimizing - not at increasing their bills.

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: X1 IPTV service

I too was contacted re. being an early adopter. Thank you @57 for your detailed assessment and for asking all the questions I didn't. I'm in pretty much the same boat with a grandfathered VIP cable package from Rogers and landline/internet from another company I've been with some 30 years.  I was originally hoping early adopters might get discounts and/or free stuff, but that's not the case. I declined. But I'm sure there will be plenty of customers glad to make the jump to the bleeding edge of the new technology, especially those being frustrated by Navigatr.

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: X1 IPTV service

I think there are only three ways for Rogers to get wide scale deployment. 1 Direct substitution for existing customers and waive the install. 2. Make it mandatory for all new customers effective Jan 1 2019. 3. Wait for legacy customers to expire and require those moving to accept the new service. Internet and cable bundle now becomes mandatory for all moves to new addresses. You want one you must take the other. They will lose a lot of customers but the only alternative is bell or nothing since internet is needed for cord cutting. I expect Bell to make Fibe part of every internet install in the future. Cost is similar between the two services.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: X1 IPTV service

So I guess that's a non-starter for me too then. I have zero interest in Rogers phone.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: X1 IPTV service

They don't want wide scale deployment yet though. Even if internal testing found and fixed all the bugs (it wouldn't have), rolling out a brand new platform slowly is the smart thing to do. Offering it as an all-or-nothing bundle at the highest tier does this naturally and actually makes a lot of sense.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: X1 IPTV service

At this initial stage making it a premium  choice will lead to a slow deployment but will require very careful qualification of customers. You want people who are comfortable  with new untested technology who consider themselves early adopters. If you don't make this qualification then you can get a lot of  wealthy people with high expectations  slamming a new product  before its ready for wide scale deployment. It really need to be deployed to  selected customers.


For wider scale deployments you need to provide incentive based on a high medium and low income model. We also have no answer for people who are on connected for success. There has been a new announcement by the federal government of a low cost internet and computer program that could affect this as well and may require it to be integrated into this program which is a federal program. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/article-ottawa-announces-timing-of-5g-spectrum-auctions-new...


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Re: X1 IPTV service

Mine is getting set up this Sat, so can let you know how it is.

A little price increase for me.. but nothing too drastic, as I was on a higher TV package, and a mid tier internet package already.
But that is also going with the 500u internet..
The min is the 500u currently, i think while they stress test the service.  As time goes on will able to be used with much lower speeds likely.

My guess is once things are stabilized a little... then it will pop up as the 'norm', that all new installs will be it.
They have already long stopped with purchases on the older boxes, etc.. they are wanting less and less people on them long term.

As for pricing.. like 57 said, dont want to necessarily get into specifics.
Its an all in one bundle price.. $X for the 3 services.. no separate breakdown.. all 3 come together.
That being said.. while expensive-ish.. it is a 'bundle' price per say.  Comparing the regular price for the 500u, and the premier TV..  its already just slightly cheaper than those two, plus the home phone then essentially free.
One box included free, additional's are $10 each

As mentioned.. its a completely different modem, even than from the existing CODA modems in use right now.
It has the home phone part built in.. only 2 wired Ethernet ports from my understanding.
By default... they will set up everything from this modem.  The TV boxes, etc will be set up to communicate with its wifi, etc.
But have talked with two of the concierge people, and both have said that you CAN bridge the modem to your own router.. and you can then in the TV, connect it to your own routers wifi..  The only thing being.. if you have any issues? Tech support cant help you.
I will let them set it up their way.. and run it like that possibly for a bit.. haven't decided yet.

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Re: X1 IPTV service

From your comments that would mean that the XB6 modem is going to accompany the IPTV box.  There are two versions of that modem, an Arris built Intel Puma 7 version (CODA-4582 is a Puma 7 modem) and a Technicolour built version using the Broadcom BCM-3390 chipset.  Fwiw, the 3390 chipset should much better compared to the Puma 7, and the CODA-4582 is probably miles ahead of the Arris XB6 modem.  So, this should be interesting to see what version shows up for the installation.    At the prices mentioned so far, don't think I'll be doing this, and, this doesn't fit with the trial modems which some customers are presently using. 


From what I understand, the employee trial phase is over and any Rogers employees that want this service are paying the full employee price now.