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Worst Service

Had a technician out here 3X the past mth. Can’t even get through on the phone or chat. Pay over 6 grand mth between all my Rogers services. Currently researching other carriers.


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Re: Worst Service

"Pay over 6 grand mth "


Wow can't fathom rogers holding my multi-million dollar mortgage.


I think you over stretched your monthly amount.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Worst Service

6 grand a month????????

time to revisit your services!!!!

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Re: Worst Service

Good evening @Bosco15042112,


Welcome to the Rogers Community! We're sorry to hear you've had a negative experience with getting support over the phone and via live chat. 


If you would like to give us the opportunity to further assist you, feel free to elaborate on the type of assistance you expect from us at this point. If you want us to resolve any technical issues you're experiencing please tell us more on the nature of the problems you encounter and the troubleshooting performed so far.


We appreciate you as our customer and value your business. Looking forward to your reply!