Wireless TV connection possible?

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Re: Wireless TV connection possible?



I have an old analog TV in my living room connected to a digital set top box. The set top box only has RCA - it's a DTV E940 Scientific Atlanta. I just purchased a new 4K TV that I want to have in my kitchen but there is no cable outlet. A technician came out and said the only way to run a cable is to drill a hole through my outside wall and run the cable outside the townhouse. It's a condo so this will not fly. I can't run cables to the kitchen inside either.


Of course Rogers wants to sell me Ignite, but it is way too expensive. If I replace the old analog TV with an HDMI TV and replace the cable box with a Nextbox 4K, can I use a wireless HDMI transmitter to send the signal to the new TV? I don't mind if both TVs will be getting the same channel as we will only be watching one at a time. I assume I can't use a wireless transmitter on the old set top box.


Thanks for any advice. 

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Re: Wireless TV connection possible?

@hikescdnrckys : What you suggest in your last paragraph should work, however good HDMI transmitters aren't the cheapest things in the world either...


You wouldn't want to connect that old SD STB to your new 4K TV. The picture would be awful.

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Re: Wireless TV connection possible?

Wireless cable box


does rogers have support for a wireless cable box to allow wireless connection to a normally wired cable box? 

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Re: Wireless TV connection possible?

@parm4829 are you referring to the new Ignite TV service, which runs a combination of an Arris or Technicolour XB6 modem with an Xi6 TV receiver.  That receiver runs off of ethernet or wifi.  

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Re: Wireless TV connection possible?

There isnt a 'mix mode' type of connection like I think your talking about.

(similar to how bell fibes is.. where the main box is connected and the other ones are wireless)


But with the new Ignite, as mentioned, is internet based.  All the boxes will run off wifi (or wired if you wish).

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