Whole home pvr, disappointing 'upgrade'

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Whole home pvr, disappointing 'upgrade'

We recently upgraded to whole home pvr being lured into it by the promising commercials on tv.
After 5 days with whole home pvr it is a frustrating and disappointing experience.

The installation took 3 hours ... of waiting for anything to happen. 
After that the pvr extender did not work, 3 support calls, plenty of reboots, reconnecting the extender, the pvr claiming it was broken or not useable etc, it finally recognized it and formatted it.
Then the search function did not work which started working after 3 days. On installation it was claimed it would work after 3 hours.
The HD terminal still refuses to play back certain programs from the HD PVR. A technician came out to check the signal levels which are fine. The HD terminal was replaced. When it finally decided to load the new guide after 3 hours it still acts exactly the same.

There are a lot of issues that make it a far worse experience then what we had before:

Nextbox 2.0 HD PVR

Enhanced guide

The enhanced guide is painfully slow, it takes 1 to 2 seconds to respond to button presses.
Changing channels takes up to 2 seconds, sometimes even longer.
The text is harder to read then on the old guide.
Despite widescreen and higher resolution there is less information from the guide on screen. Instead of 4 half hour blocks and a bit of the fifth, only 3 half hour blocks are visible.
There is no option to view by program name, which was useful to quickly see on which other channels at what other times a current program is on.
The new search with '*' is very useful but painfully slow to navigate like everything else.
The page up/down buttons in the recorded program listings skip programs. The list sometimes doesn't display the date/channel headers and sometimes displays empty lines where shows should be.
The recorded program listing is very slow to navigate and keeps resetting to the top of the list after exiting or switching to other categories or the scheduled program list. I can't imagine how frustrating this will become when the pvr fills up.
The guide also keeps resetting to channel 1 regularly, for example after watching a recording.
The 25% zoom option for letterboxed 4:3 content zooms in too far now. Either watch with black bars all around or miss all the sides.

Playback / Record

The fastest fast forward/backward is too slow to search through a 2 hour recording.
There is no option to skip to end to search back from the end instead.
There is no slow motion play and no stepping through frame by frame.
On pressing stop it shows the last tuned program after 1 second while it takes another 3 seconds for the menu to come up.
Pressing stop while 2 shows are recording causes the tuning conflict screen to come up after 5 seconds of waiting. You can't actually do anything in this screen as the remote is controlling the dimmed menu in the background. After pressing exit to get to the menu it will show one of the recordings that you're recording to see later, spoiling plot points already. You can't pause or control what's playing in the background anymore while the menu is up. You have to exit the entire menu, press pause and then wait for the menu to come back up. Switching to a different recording while the unit is recording 2 shows is a frustrating experience.
While you are watching a current recording and 2 new recordings are coming up you get the tuning conflict resolution screen for no reason 2 minutes before this happens. Then at the time the recordings start playback is aborted for another tuning conflict resolution screen.
There is no option to stop recording and erase.
Rebooting due to power interruption takes 7 minutes as opposed to 2 minutes on the old guide. This causes you to loose 7 minutes of a recording, which is also not indicated in the recording itself.

Nextbox 2.0 HD terminal

Same issues as the HD PVR, painfully slow to operate.
The guide sometimes completely freezes from between 10 to 15 seconds, mostly when starting playback.
Recorded listing one time showed every show twice.
Recorded listing one time showed a show that wasn't there or somehow got deleted on playback (I could not find the recording afterwards on the main unit) then got stuck trying to play it. Needed a reboot.
Sometimes it's not possible to delete a recording, claims it is in use while it is not.
Some recorded shows never start playback, this seems to be localized to recordings from channel 31 so far.
The recorded list takes 5 seconds to update after deleting a recording.
Sometimes switching to regular tv by typing in a channel nr while watching a recording only shows the channel banner while the recording keeps playing indefinitely. Repeatedly trying or stopping the recording manually is required to get back to regular tv.


The only thing that is really improved is the on demand menu. The rest has too many glitches and is generally far too slow to be useful. I'll be calling customer support on Monday to revert our account back to the way it was before the 'upgrade'. The old software wasn't perfect but works far better then this mess.




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Retired Moderator RogersNicolas
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Re: Whole home pvr, disappointing 'upgrade'

Hi Sven,


I'm sorry to hear about your overall experience. I just forwarded your feedback to our internal team.

Rest assured that we're always taking what customers have to say into consideration.


In the meantime, don't hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter @RogersHelps or Facebook.com/rogers if you need anything!

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Re: Whole home pvr, disappointing 'upgrade'

Sven, you are certainly not alone in your experiences with whole home PVR and Nextbox. There are numerous threads on here discussing the issues.




You might want to have a look. I have a feeling that this was just another item that was not properly tested before being implemented.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Whole home pvr, disappointing 'upgrade'

Thanks for the reply.

The system has a lot of potential which makes the laggy software so frustrating. When it finally works it's a treat to be able to watch recorded programs in HD in the bedroom without having to carry equipment around.


Unfortunately the big upgrade that on demand received in the enhanced guide seems to be applied in reverse to all the normal functions. It feels like the software is running in debug mode, the unresponsiveness and frequent stalling are the biggest problems. Just last night it took 30 to 60 seconds again simply to stop playback and switch to tv.

The next biggest problem is the software insisting to show a current program whenever you stop playback. This causes unnecesary delays and tuner conflicts. Simply displaying a paused playback screen or the empty blue screen as the old guide does will solve half the irritations and speed up the whole process of switching to a different recording.

For now we are waiting to get the old guide back after reversing the whole home pvr upgrade. Maybe next year or the year after we'll try again when the enhanced guide is working satisfactory. I wish I had found this forum before I called for the upgrade, it would have saved a lot of trouble.

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Re: Whole home pvr, disappointing 'upgrade'

NOTHING BUT TROUBLE with the Nextbox... Rogers blew it this time.. I'm on my fourth in as many months.. it is slow and unreliable and I've spent all of today with a stalled boot-up.. now they have to send a tech, and they say not until Saturday !

So much for the Olympics.. spending the whole day on hold and learning that has me boiling.

I made the attempt today at obtaining one that might prove more reliable, and now I have NO SERVICE for two days.

I spend $8000 per year at Rogers folks and I'm thinking it's time to pay the fine or whatever and go with Bell.

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Re: Whole home pvr, disappointing 'upgrade'

So I get this month's invoice for Rogers awesome quality service.  Same fees as always and no appologies!  I am sick and tired of the service they pride themselves on since the upgrade to my set top.  I no longer can go slow motion, frame by frame, the zoom feature is not working right, shows that are broadcast in HD I receive in standard def (Big Brother.... among others)  It's like being back in the 80's with the time it takes for the controller to actually tell the set top I want to change the channel...  This whole upgrade has been a major leap backwards by several decades. 

I think I will start paying my bill for the quality of service I'm getting, maybe this month I'll pay 25% of the total bill, depending on the service next month might be 35% or 20% .....again, depending on the frustration levels I'm forced to deal with at the time.

I cannot believe they are allowed to push this on us and expect to keep getting paid every month for the services I initially contracted out for at the time.

Time to look at Bell although I'm sure they have their own separate frustrating issues that aren't their fault either!!!!!


Resident Expert
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Re: Whole home pvr, disappointing 'upgrade'

THe slow motion and frame by fram , i can understand the frustration of not having , if you were used to that feature.


As for the zoom, that is because with the new box, all the channels, SD ones incuded, are being upscaled to 1080i already, so the first levels of the zoom (strech, etc) do not do really anything anymore.. compared to when the SD channels before were being send in 480.


As for the Big Brother, i questioned that at first watching it off the PVR last night.  But this is actualy a broadcaster thing.
If you look at the recordings of big brother, and you look at the channel logo overlayed the picture, you will actualy see that the logo actualy goes into the black bars onto the side.
Which means, while it is an HD channel.. they are only broadcasting a SD picture from the source.

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Re: Whole home pvr, disappointing 'upgrade'

I get best results by using my TV remote's zoom function as opposed to the cable box's zoom ability. I'd like to see the next update of the guide layout allow 3 hour view of the schedule and fix the zoom function it offers a setting which zooms a 4x3 image to 16x width, gets rid of black space at the top but keeps the bottom black space which sometimes contains subtitles. I've seen Philips TV's with that type of zoom; my Sony is not as good but still better than Cisco (Scientific Atlanta) box zoom function.


I just hope they add manual record function which allowed specifying exact start/end times to the next Enhanced Guide update. It's the feature I used most often with the old guide.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Whole home pvr, disappointing 'upgrade'

My upstairs HD box was dying (snow over the lower half of the screen on HD channels) so I brought it in and got a 4642 in exchange.  The guide seems to be very quick and responsive -- I am not experiencing any of the issues I've seen both here and on other boards.  So I am curious, maybe I'ev got different firmware? 

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Resident Expert
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Re: Whole home pvr, disappointing 'upgrade'

With the new guide, they usually push updates at night , etc. so everyone's box SHOUD be the same.

But like you, I have not experienced many of the issues reported.
Could be the pvrs tent to have the issues more than the regular hd boxes