Wall wart for Rogers/Cisco Digitasl adapter?

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Wall wart for Rogers/Cisco Digitasl adapter?

A friend of mine has a TV where the cable isn't working.  This TV is using a digital terminal adapter - although I am not sure why as they have a newish TV with proper AV inputs including HDMI.  It appears that the wall wart has died as no LEDs come on.  But when I use the adapter with another wall wart connected to a differnet adapter then the LEDs do come on.


Can I get a new wall wart from Rogers?  Or can someone point me to one on Amazon that I can buy that would do the trick?


Alternatively since this TV has proper AV inputs, including HDMI, then why not get a proper digital cable box.  Can you get a proper digital box from Rogers cheaply these days?


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Re: Wall wart for Rogers/Cisco Digitasl adapter?



1. You can exchange the power adaptor at a Rogers Store - make sure they have one in stock.  They will do this at no charge, but you may need to phone several stores to see about stock.


2. You can purchase a used Rogers box online (like Kijiji).  Here are the list of caveats.




3.  You can rent a different HD box from Rogers. I agree that if this is an HDTV, it should be fed an HD signal, rather than SD from the DTA, unless the TV is used very little.