Various TV channels pixelating

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Re: Various TV channels pixelating

Thanks. I'll disconnect the 8300 for a while to see if the issue goes away. If it doesn't, then at least it will remove it as a potential cause.


It still bothers me that I can't really be more proactive about it. When the internet service was dropping intermittantly last year, I could log it by running a script every 5 minutes to ping the smtp server. That recorded the outages quite nicely. There has to be something I can do to track this...





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Re: Various TV channels pixelating

There is the 'diagnotic' pages.. where you can go in and see signal strength..  But it doesnt LOG.. only shows whats current.

might be worth looking there..on a good time vs problem time.. see what there.

(I just cant remember how to get into that on the 8300... another user might be able to help with that)

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Re: Various TV channels pixelating

I am in Scarborough, the issue of pixelating and freezing is nothing new to me. I see it all too oftenand have seen it occuring over the past five years, as well I will be in the midst of watching a show, or movie, when suddenly the system will reboot on its own.


The problem, I thought, had to do with using HD channels, but no,it is on different channels at different times, originally I noticed it was mostly when watch any of the free on demand channels, TMN, HBO etc..that is no longer true, it is not an occurance no matter what cahnnel I watch.


Reauthorize, reboot, shut it down for a day, turn it on, nothing changes.


Rep:"You can just bring it to an outlet and get it exchanged..

ME: how can I do that when I own it? I Wonder if they even look at a customer's file before speaking

Rep: oh that's too bad, because if you rented, you could exchange it

Me: and how much is rental over a five year period as compared to just buying one?


1504. for rental over five years  or 502. to purchase one. really. is math that difficult you need to push negativity on me with "you should be renting"


the problem aside from stupidity on a customer service level is there is a problem a dn I want it fixed.


Solution, we will send a technician out to check the box.

so tell me, if someone is coming to check the box, what exactly can the technician do with a box out of warrantee and cannot be exchanged?


Sometimes I wonder about the training these people go through. they undersrtand there is an issue but they just refuse to listen or are incapable of comprehension regarding the frustration a customer has.


On a side note...

Aftet the recent blackout I have toyed with the idea of cancelling cable altogether. After all cable did not work and I had to call in to be credited for the loss. Rogers would nnever conseider doing voluntary so I made sure I was not charged for getting nothing. After all, I am sure they can deal with a loss of  $22.0, but since rogers is not a charity I don't think I am willing to donate my money..


Rogers really needs to work on the service side of things.






I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Various TV channels pixelating

One question about the 8300HD PVR


if the box has been such a failure, or at least overwhelmiingly problematic,  then why is Rogers not recalling and replacing them. or at least offering to trade in at a very reduced rate, for those of us who have had and continue to have this constant headache?


I remember when they did an upgrade to the lines in 2013 it made most, if not all, 8300HD boxes inoperable, according to the agent on the phone dealing with my issue. I was not alone, and judging by the postings here, I am in good company. I had  no PVR usability for about three to four weeks while they tried to figure it out..I t got better for a short while but them pixelation picked up where it had lleft off.  The current irritating pixelation and freezing, which was also part of the initial problem leading up the 2013 8300HD failure and I can see another round of system upgrades wil probably be in the near future causing another complete failure.


The situation makes me  wonder if perhaps Rogers is purposely doing this to force people into renting a box, since renting is more beneficial for Rogers, than purchasing is for the customer.  Conspiracy theory or dishonest possibility?


I have no answer, but I do wonder why so many people with one unit are having continuous problems. And most have no resolve.




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Re: Various TV channels pixelating

The 8300 is actually NOT a problematic box.. it generally has LESS issues that the NB2 or the NB3 box.  But ANY box in the long run, can have issues.

While renting overall.. yes is more pofitable to rogers.. they are actually NOT Pushing for it that much anymore.  MOST of the time, they are giving the boxes away FREE with new packages, on a 3 year, rent to own, for FREE (or even not if free, the rent to own / month is LESS than regular rental).  Why?  After 3 years.. the hardware is OLD, and they are not wanting to have to deal with the hasle of repairing/refurbing old boxes.
Its more in their interest.. to have someone BUY the box outright, or do the rent to own.. so if it dies later.. its not THEIR problem..its up to the box owner to rent/buy a new one.


But onto your problem.

Pixelization? While its POSSIBLE its the box.... almost guarantee its NOT.  9/10 times, if you are having pixelization problems, especially across multiple channels... its NOT the box.   Its the SIGNAL to the box.
Reps.. are stuipid, in always sugesting to swap the box (for rentals) first.. when its usually not the box.


What you should have done, is have a tech out, to check EVERYTHING... and make sure they do.

Check the signal level, at the street box you connect to.
Check the signal level at the box outside the house, BEFORE the connector/spliter there.  Check AFTER it as well (incase IT needs to be replaced).
Check at every splitter, connection point, etc.
Sometimes.. all it takes is replacing an old spliter, or adding a power booster.. and BAM signals in the right range.

Bar that being all ok.. it could be more of a maintenance issue.. where its the Street, subdivision, local node, which is having the issue. (which i did have for a while, but once that was resoloved.. not a single pixelization issue for over a year).

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Re: Various TV channels pixelating

@Canadianguy wrote:


Sometimes I wonder about the training these people go through. they undersrtand there is an issue but they just refuse to listen or are incapable of comprehension regarding the frustration a customer has.


You hit the nail right on the head there! I don't have the NB3, but I've been reading a lot about the problems here and on It's my opinion that the techs and customer service people at Rogers should be thoroughly trained in all aspects of this box, instead of just suggesting "swap it out, maybe another one will work better". By now a lot of customers suspect the NB3 was released before it was thoroughly tested and debugged and for Rogers to say, just try another one, makes them look stupid.

SA8300HD, SA8300SD, DTA50, LG-E410B PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario
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Re: Various TV channels pixelating

1. I live in Mississauga and I too noticed 60 seconds of pixelation last night (Monday) around 8:30pm on CP24 and CTV Toronto. As it only lasted 30 seconds, I ignored it.


2. I was thinking of geting the NB3 ... I don't think I will ever really need to stream 8 shows at once, but I want a quicker box.

However, I also own mostly SONY equipment and I read there are problems with the NB3 and SONY's Bravia Sync (CEC). So I guess I'll stick with the Deveil I know for now ...


3. As for Rogers Tech Support, I found if I get a Canadian Call Centre (I ask), the service is generally OK. But the off-shore entres, I usually end up teaching them stuff.



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Re: Various TV channels pixelating

2 ) Yes, it does have CEC issues.. and the more RELIVENT ones seem to be mostly from sony people.. it seems to pick it up more.
Minus disabiling CEC on the TV.. or neutering the CEC pin from an HDMI cable.. you might run into issues.
(alternatively, could do optical audio and component.. as component supports 1080i, the max rogers broadcasts on.. just dealing with more cables, etc... and if your AVR doesnt support upscaling to HDMI, could be alot worse)


3 ) Unless it has changed in the very short past..  ALL Rogers call centers, are located in canada.  Now, weither some vs other, are staffed by people of other ethnicities, etc... that may be a different thing. 

I've Been Around
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Re: Various TV channels pixelating

this has been going on for about 1.5 years. slowly channels will start to pixelate and then eventually they will go out completly and say service is out temporarily but it never comes back and slowly and slowly i lose almost 50+ channels and of course all the ones i want to watch. ive switched out my hd box several times and that fixes it completly .....for a while and then it starts to happen again in the exact same way rogers sees no issue so i keep getting new boxes but obviously something is wrong or are they really admitting there boxes are that grabage?     EDIT: also recently some channels will work perfectly for 30 seconds and then it will go to the service is currently not availabale but this happenes everytime i can switch away and back again it will work for exactly 30 seconds then cut out. none of these problesm happened until the nextbox crap

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Various TV channels pixelating

I generally wouldnt say its the box.. while the boxes can have problems, etc... there are many people who have had them longer than that.. without any issues at all.. i dont think its a burn out on the tuner sort of thing..

Have you had someone physicaly out there, to check the signal at/around the house?

They can check at the street, where it is outside, inside, at each outlet, etc.. and see if its at optimal levels.

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