Update while recording

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Re: Update while recording

If the PVR is like a computer, can they not push the firmware out whenever, but NOT INSTALL until any recordings are done?

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Re: Update while recording

Well, this is what many of us has requested. Even if it was a 'ok, here is the update, you have 24hrs to choose when, if not it goes itself' as I can see them wanting them all on the same level at the same time (and not have someone sit there and never do them). I do agree that it would be a great idea. Weither it's programmable or not I don't know

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Re: Update while recording


At 6:25pm Feb 17 my 8642 showed in the list of My Recordings that it was STILL recording a Top Gear episode that started at 3:00am (and should have recorded until 4:00am). The 8642 was NOT still recording (no red light) but DID automatically  reboot at 03:46:05am, during the scheduled Top Gear recording.

Although the 8642 had no red record light on, the list of recorded programs DID still show that episode of Top Gear as RECording. I STILL had to go through the routine of Stop Recording to stop it showing REC. I did that at 6:31pm, so then it changed the program record time from the corrcet 3:00-4:00a (or 3:45a when it terminated recording to reboot) to 5:46-6:31p (it recorded 45 minutes before the box rebooted, and it rebooted WHILE recording still, and then it changes the time of the recorded program to show an end time when I did the Stop Recording, and a start time 45 minutes (the length it recorded before rebooting) before that.


First off, it is simply UNACCEPTABLE that after 3 years of this RTN software these PVR’s will still reboot while in the middle of a scheduled recording, instead of waiting until the recording is finished AND there is no program scheduled to record for the next 30 minutes. This always happens in the early morning hours, usually around 3-4am Tuesday or Friday, and is because of a Rogers update.


Secondly, if they DO happen to reboot while in the middle of a recording the reboot process should at least check and NOT leave a program showing that it is still recording from BEFORE the time of the reboot. 


And finally, if you DO have to manually stop one of these "phantom" recordings, the PVR shouldn't then change the start/end times to show the program ended at the time you forced it to stop the "not still recording" recording, and alter the start time to the time you forced the "stop" minus the length of the recording from start to the time the box rebooted.


This is simply lousy sloppy programming, and after 3 years of this it is simply inexcusable that Rogers/Cisco can't fix the many issues with this RTN programming code, AND do that without fixing something and breaking something else with EVERY new update they put out, as seems to be the norm for the last several major updates.

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Re: Update while recording

Agreed. I've experienced the same and complained about it before, as have many others.

I'm convinced Rogers execs use Bell Fibe.