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Upcoming Update: Reprogramming Your PVR?

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June 15th we're getting an update that will, for some reason, change some show titles. Just curious, why would show titles change? Is this in preparation for another life-altering process to our TV viewing? Any connection to the upcoming earth-shattering revelations in Washington re: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena?


Inquiring minds want to know.



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Re: Upcoming Update: Reprogramming Your PVR?

I'm a trusted contributor
I'll call it an early Win, since after several daily-Guide updates and test reboots (by pulling plug), the Guide still shows the upcoming Series recording for "Star Trek: Prodigy" (new episodes only, any timeslot) Thurs Dec.29 at 8:30pm (for ch. 50 and 575) with the two red Series dots, and also the correct listing in the Scheduled recordings section.

Plus, all the Star Trek Prodigy tiLes for both ch.50 and ch. 575 (CTV SCIFI) are all still there with their working episodes. I even added a few one-time Star Trek Prodigy recordings, and they all went to newly-created one-time recorded tiLes of their own.

The infected, previous Series tiLe for "Star Trek: Prodigy" for ch. 50 (for new episodes, any timeslot), still sits there with its 4 previously recorded episodes, still working, and ready to be watched whenever I find the time.

I still have no idea why all the Series tiLes from just 3 specific TV channels were deleted in the first place, especially since none of the series names (or pictures) changed. Regardless, at least the "All Episodes" then back to "New episodes Only" Series tiLe trick worked.
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