UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

You must be one of the lucky 4 out 5!
I'm Here A Lot
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

It seems everyday I have a new issue...shows don't record, playback fails, slow response to remote commands, frustration does not even cut it...call Rogers (I have called so many times over the past year!)...Bell wants a fortune to switch back ... looking at VMedia...cant be any worse...I am truly Disappointed in Rogers...

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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

I think one of the things Rogers is missing (by accident or more likley deliberately) in this 4 out of 5 thing is that those numbers refer to the _GUIDE_ not the PVR capabilities of the "upgraded" software. 

Personally I'm not wild about the guide - but it has some advanteges over the old one so I can understand the 4 out of 5 thing. 

But I got the system as a PVR and as a PVR it is a miserable failure when compared with real PVR systems like Tivo. It would be a miserable failure purely from a design perspective. It is simply a bad design.

But what has the folks on these forums and elshwere up in arms are the teeny tiny details like the fact that it randomly deltes recorded shows, show images appear and disappear at will, misses scheduled recordings, locks up and requires a power off/on reboot, and many other issues that I personally have not yet experienced

Whenever the press query the status (and thank goodness the Toronto Star at least doesn't appear to be totally in Rogers' pocket) Rogers trots out the 4 of 5 stats and nobody questions it.

I was told yesterday that I'm probably going to have to wait until spring to have an OTA antenna installed so that I can dump this horrible apology for a PVR. Sad but worth the wait.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

Since the Navigatr update, my NB 2.0 is slow and the Settings screen is blank. Is there any way to do a factory reset without access to settings?

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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

Press and hold EXIT on the remote until the power icon blinks.  Then press DOWN DOWN 2 on your remote.  You can reboot the box from the service menu.

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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

Hello  @billmcintyre @BS @neilpalmer400 and the many other long-time lovers of Navigatr.


The New improved version was downloaded here in Mississauga.

Much Much improved over the July 28th disaster.
My prime concerns about nearly impossible PVR navigation have actually been addressed !


Not quite as good as having the full chronological lists we had before July 28,  but quite workable.

I rate being able to navigate around ones recordings as acceptable/OK.


Now, a program being recorded is at the top of the pile where it should be, not buried deep in the pile-of-tiles

One can push a few buttons and see scheduled programs as a separate pile-of-tiles, in date/time order.

And the tiles at the end are where one can find the 0 recorded, 0 scheduled programs. These are such things as seasonal programs or those no longer being aired (e.g. Midsomer Murders) or changed time slots (e.g. the Monday night NEW Big Bangs). Nice to to see them.

The text is clearer and even the small pictures in the tiles are cute.


Congratulations Rogers/Espial on listening and moving in the right direction.

(I hope someday you share the real reason why the JULY28 version was launched and why it stuck around so long)


There are a few fixes which would move the new software from being acceptable/OK to maybe GREAT.

1. I really miss the ability to go back to the last recorded program I was watching when going from recorded to live back to recorded. It always goes to the top if the list. (But it looks like this fixed the 'resume' problem in the JULY 28 version, i.e. alternating between the last 2 places you left off in the program.) I expect Rogers can fix the resume issue without losing which recorded program you were last on. 


2. Being able to easily turn cc on/off is a pain. 

   There are lots of spare keys/keystrokes on the remote to fix this. Please use one.


3. If the machine truly turns-off (e.g. won't record, has to be rebooted etc) after 3 hrs of not showing a live channel, that needs an immediate fix.   I don't watch programs that way, but I see others like @molly222 do.


It would be wonderful if Rogers would ACK as to whether they acknowledge these are things that need to be fixed.


I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016


Nice to know that things with Navigatr might actually be improving. However, I am still confused as to what is actually happening with the second rollout. Is there a schedule anywhere on here? If so, I am unable to find it. I thought I had read or heard somewhere that the latest version of Navigatr had been postponed for Etobicoke and Toronto. If this is the case, why is it being rolled out in Mississauga? Is there somewhere where there is a master list as to what areas have received it and what areas are still scheduled (and when) to receive it. I received a phone call about receiving it, but so far, no go! I was actually happy about that because I have not read anything good about Navigatr. I was actually thinking about switching providers if Navigatr turned out to be as bad as everyone says it is.

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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

OMG @Saildude28 Don't even THINK about switching to Vmedia without reading these reviews (and the don't miss the "14 other reviews that are not currently recommended" at the bottom of the page):



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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

Hi @JonBoy49  What strikes me is people who have used multiple other PVR's say Rogers PVR is BY FAR the worst of ANY other PVR on the market - and your post is a good summary of so many problems with the box.


I, too, am thinking of getting an OTA antenna - although I may end up adding it to my Rogers Cable, rather than replacing Rogers - although there may be big changes to my channel lineup when the 'pick and pay' option of channel choices kicks in around March.


I might add and OTA antenna with a generic PVR to record OTA content - but I'd probably do that for BETTER picture quality because that signal is not compressed.


One thing I've been noticing lately is that Rogers has been getting rid of many of it's SD channels.   I used to often record many programs on the lower resolution copies of HD channels because there are many shows I LISTEN to rather than watch.  I spend hours every day walking around my apartment cleaning and organizing - and listening to news and talk shows - and I don't care about HD with those shows - so I can fit more of those shows on my full hard drive if I record the SD versions of those channels - but those SD copies of the HD channels are RAPIDLY disappearing.


I guess I'm happy that with Rogers eliminating the SD copies of HD channels then hopefully they may compress the HD channels less - and now that I've got one 4K TV and will get a second one as soon as I can afford it - the picture quality is important (when the 4K TV up-converts the signal).

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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

Hi @park  


It would also be really nice if Rogers could add in the list of shows a section where they would list a handful of the last shows that you have partially watched.  I don't know about you guys - but I have 20 or more programs on my hard drive that I've watched PART of the show - and it would be helpful to find these shows if there was a section somewhere in the list to go back to the last 5 or 10 shows you've partially watched.  (Maybe most of you watch programs a little differently than I do.)


One feature I liked about the SA 8300 box that was removed with the NB2 was a 'dedicated show watching channel' - and if you went to watch live TV while watching a recorded show, and then went back to channel 950 - your show was still there in the spot you'd stopped watching it.