UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

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I'm a Regular
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

So if Navigatr is supposed to be a "upgrade" and so much better then can someone from Rogers please tell me how to:
1) get the info banner with the time left on a current live tv show
2) how to get the current time of day while watching live TV
3) how to start watching a show that is in the process of recording before the recording is finishe (is Navigatr really bringing us back to VCR technoligy)
4) when watching a recording how to bring up the elapsed time
5) when watching a recording how to check the info on the program without having to stop the recording and go back to the stupid nav interface then resume playing
6) how to check scheduled shows while watching TV or a recorded show

7) how to check what channel a recorded show or a show scheduled to record is on

These are just a few of the simple common things I did regularly with the nextbox interface  before Rogers forced this navigatr on us and tried to call it a "upgrade" when clearly it's just taken away all the useful functions we used to have and given us a very limited interface with about the same level of technology as a VCR

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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

After having the new Navigatr for a week, I agree the same screen for recorded/scheduled shows is poorly designed. We have shows popping up that are scheduled even through they won't be on the air again for months. Makes everything really cluttered because there's no content in them.

I also wish the tile view was switchable to a list view. It's just easier to scroll and find stuff. I find a hard time reading the show tile if the picture for the show is really cluttered with tiny text.

No disasters yet other than these big annoyances, but I have a hard time believing that anyone familiar with how people use a PVR tested this software.

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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

I have only had Navigatr for a week  and it seems to work , not great, but ok.  I did not see anything really wrong with the previous system. ( I have a NB 3 but not whole home)


Then I see the post above  specifically this one

3) how to start watching a show that is in the process of recording before the recording is finished


You can't do that?   I and I'm sure many others record shows and carefully start to watch the recording after 10-15 minutes so that one can skip most of  the ads.   I guess the effect will be that people will just record the show and not watch any ads at all.

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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

Hello @mike017

To answer your questions:


1) Press the INFO button on the remote control.  The channel banner includes time the program started, and the time it will end...but not how many minutes are left in the current program. 


2) To get the current time, press GUIDE on the remote control.  Check out the video preview window (top-right) - the current time is displayed. 


3) Press LIST button on the remote and open (the tile of) the program that has started recording (but not yet finished).  Press UP arrow, then RIGHT arrow to highlight the "Scheduled" tab.  Scroll down and click "Watch". 


4) There is no easy way to view the elapsed time when watching a recording. You can start playing the content, then press the PAUSE button on the remote.  A progress bar appears at the bottom of the screen, with a white dot denoting the current position in the recording.  The number on the right side of the progress bar is the time remaining.  I would love to see this information in the "info" bar


5) You cannot view the details of a recorded item without being kicked back to the "Recordings" screen.  Not sure why the info banner (seen when pressing 'info' on live TV) does not appear.  


6) You can press the LIST button on the remote control to access the "Recordings" screen.  When watching live TV, you will continue hearing audio but see no picture.  When watching pre-recorded content, it will stop (pause).  I don't know why recorded content needs to stop - leave that choice up to the user and treat it as live (let it play in the background while you manage recordings and content). 


7) The channel number content was recorded from does not appear until you begin playing the recorded content (see top-left).  I agree this is silly and must be addressed in the next software update. 

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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

Anyone else getting pixelation with ROD on NB3 with Navigatr?


Happened while watching a show last night.  Thought it was likely a fluke.  Then it happened again today while watching another show on ROD.  I was ready to watch another 1/2 show we missed and wife says "I can't watch any more shows like this".  So we watched something else that we had recorded.


Never had any issues with ROD on RTN guide.


I'm a Regular
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016


Thanks for the info although honestly even the things you can do are still way more inconvienient then they were on the old system, and some are just not practical like having to go into the guide system so the tv pic is too small to see just to check the time of day, and even checking anything with the info button is a pain since the banner it brings up is way to big and not translucent like the old one. The other big problem is that even if you can get the info you want the look is horrible and makes it near impossible to watch a program or recording while checking anything

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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

I hear you @mike017, the answers were provided to document the current workarounds and provide my commentary to whomever at Rogers is reading this. 😉

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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

Nearly all posts I have see about the Netbox Navigatr are negative.


I would like to make a positive suggestion.  When you press the LIST button, you get a very poor display of information on the programs recorded or scheduled to be recorded.


I recommend you tell your CISCO programmers to let the user set a VIEW  in  SETTINGS that allows them to choose different VIEWS like you do in Windows-File-View.   You should be able to display the LIST of programs (i.e. files) as large icons, small icons, tiles, list or detail.  Check out Windows File View if you don't know what I mean.


I prefer the DETAIL view so I can see exactly what I have recorded or scheduled.  Right now you can record a series of 3 to 6 shows and you can't tell which is the first one based on the information displayed for the current tile view. You have to select each one in order to see if it is Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3, etc.   I would rather see the DETAIL  for a recorded or scheduled list so that I don't have to SELECT each tile to figure out what it is, then EXIT, then SELECT the next one, then EXIT, etc. etc.  etc.  



You should also be able to set a FILTER so that you can list the recorded and scheduled programs separately, then toggle between the two.  Right now I have to scroll down through my 94 recorded programs to see what I have scheduled.  This is a real waste of time and very poor User Interface design.


I hope this helps you to fix your exceptional problems with Netbox Navigatr. 

I've Been Around
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

since my nextbox was updated to the new navigatr, I cannot figure out how to change the video source using the up/down buttons I used to use.  I receive a "not available" error message when I try to move up to another video source.  Can someone provide some help?

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

Navigatr programing interface updated in our area 3 days ago. Scheduals , Movies and SHOMI etc. are loaded OK.

SEARCH feature however does not work. Will show "NOT FOUND" even when a program is known to be available.


Doing search will partially work when typing in first few letters, some titles with those first letters will show up, however they seem to be only titles that appear "graphically" on one of the "lists" eg, "New Releases" or "Kids Zone".

Many known movies  or TV shows (including SHOMI selections) are NOT displayed in the found seach list, even if an exact spelled matching title is used.


Have read on previous post from last year that it takes a few days for the search list to be populated, but as SOME seach results work, and other dont, and since the full schedual seems to have loaded fine, I am wondering what is the cause.


Certainly, 3 days should be enough to load ALL searchable indexes. (Resetting does not help- only a wasit of time for the re-boot)


Is anyone else experiencing this problem at this time/date for this area (Georgina/Keswick ON)?


Search use to work well for checking all program services (SHOMI, On Demand, PVR etc)....with this update (how do I find its version number?EDIT: Settings/System Information. UI Ver: 17334/28392) it seems so limited, I have to believe it is not working.


Thanks for your own advice or experences.

Gets very frustrating not having any other way to access a known show (SHOMI) that does not appear one of the 'drop-down' prorgam menues.


Eg, why can I not type in a known SHOMI program (Twilight Zone- the original TV Show) and have it play or the episode selection appear? There is no other "entry" method other than to find it with SEARCH and then select it for playing.


Be great if SEARCH worked, but no other work around for acesssing the full SHOMI and on demand library.