UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

@RogersMargaret wrote:

Hi Community,


The updated Navigatr rollout is complete. 


Please continue to post your Navigatr questions and feedback in this thread.  Our Resident Experts and other users are here to share their tips and experiences. 


As always, the Community Guidelines  and Terms of Use apply.


Thanks very much for keeping the community a pleasant place to be!



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

Again this is for Rogers staff as per what my issues are. So if I am repetitive then it is because I am not convinced they are really taking this information. And to keep the concerns updated and fresh so they can see them



First of all the "cc" option should and can be placed at quicker access. Often you want see what someone says as they mumble at times. Many of us don't want to leave cc on for long. They don't need to hide it in sub menus . Not hard to do.


Second, they have to make the software work faster on the 8642 and they probably can. Why do we have to rent a new 9865 from them. These also will be outdated as Cloud operating systems come into play. They seem to be able to come out with operational updates that speed up the system previously.


Third, the tiles though visually "pretty" have less info than before. No channels and station numbers as before with the previous system. The previous screens of recorded and scheduled were more concise and more useful. Quicker to scroll through and access info.


Fourth ...Make sure the ability to jump between recorded and scheduled programs is easy like before when you could click the green List button once for recorded and simply click again for scheduled.  And again...provide station numbers and station letters as before.


Fifth...It was easier and faster to scroll through recorded and scheduled by different parameters such as date or by alphabetical 


Sixth...When you delete old defunct series, the screen jumps back to the top of the recorded/scheduled instead of jumping back to the area you are deleting. It also takes long to delete on the 8642


Seventh...When you go to the scheduled program and click on the tile to see the info on the segment, the description is not complete and is cut off. So you can't get the full description of the program. Yet you have the space in the screen to increase the box and complete the information.


Feel free to add more if it's not here.

I'm an Advisor
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

  • For customers with 2 PVRs, restore the ability to group recordings by PVR (a filter could also be used). This makes stewardship of free disk space easy, no more guessing ("PVR 2 is full! Need to clean it up. What programs are on it?"). 


  • Allow recorded programs sharing the same name to be placed into the SAME TILE ('folder') regardless of: date recorded, channel recorded from, recording frequency, etc. This will reduce clutter and improve naviation, with drastically less clicks. 


  • Correct issue whereby the "record" indicator does not appear in the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) when the scheduled recording was set "by series" and not manually. 


  • Correct issue whereby setting a recording that already exists (but does not appear, see above) actually creates a new scheduled recording (and does not alert that program is already scheduled to record). This results in double-recording of the same content. 


  • Tile size should be configurable - leave the current size as "normal", and provide "small" size which gives a half-height version. 


  • Already stated, but worth repeating: LIST VIEW on recordings screen is a MUST. The list view must contain the program name, day of the week it was recorded, time it was recorded, duration and channel (as RTN did). List should allow sorting by any of those metrics. An option to make the LIST VIEW the default "recordings" screen must be provided. 


  • When opening a tile from the "Recordings" screen that contains recorded items, the date, time, channel name & number and duration and PVR name must be bolded, and rendered in another color (suggestion: yellow). This will make selecting content to view (or manage/delete) much quicker and more efficient. Currently, this information is hard to see or only available/visible once the recording is played back.



Murdoch Mysteries

Recorded Feb 1 2016, 8:00pm, on HD CBC (6), 60 minutes, LIVING ROOM


  • When opening a tile from the "Recordings" screen that contains more recorded items than can be displayed, a vertical scroll bar or indicator ("More Below") needs to be added to tell the user that more/additional content can be found below.  People who are not PVR "savvy" would find this useful. 


  • The Electronic Program Guide should have an option to hide the program description and the video preview, allowing room for additional guide data to be displayed. This feature is available on equipment from other providers, and results in faster browsing (more CPU and STB resources dedicated to fetching guide data from cache and displaying it on-screen). 
I'm an Advisor
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

Hello @Frances48,

Programming can carry multiple Closed Captions, in different languages. In typical use, "CC1" is the primary language text while "CC3" is optional and can contain text in a different language. 


"T1" and "T2" are infrequently used in Canada, but sometimes present supplementary data (example: website URL).



I'm an Advisor
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

  • Put some combination of @57  @robindp  @Steelheader  @roxandtrees   @ neilpalmer400  @rottinger  under retainer to build a better PVR in 60 days
  • Secure Espials source code ( or RTN if you prefer). Then sic your legal dept on them
  • Build a proper FAQ, guide and videos. The above crew plus a few ohers here can do it, if you are short staffed
  • Direct Navigatr users to this updated and corrected information. 
  • Once customers are exposed to the community forum, they are highly likely to csncel services.
  • Ensure all frontline staff know how to use a NB3.
  • Publicly acknowledge software deficinces and set target dates to fix them.
  • Recall all NB2s (including owned ones).  Replace with NB3s.

Do all of these things and watch the cable attrition rate reduce by over 50% !

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

I agree updated videos would be helpful, like showing where the scheduled recordings.
I plan to take a bunch of pics and do a little guide, if Rogers doesn't by the time I get to do it (very busy this weekend)
Not perfect (and not my job) but if it will help people..

@park: just a note to one or so of your posts up about the nb2. If you do compare the tech specs between the nb2 and 3... There is a huge difference. It's the major reason that it under performs on the nb2... It just doesn't have the horsepower.
I am SURE the code could be optimized maybe to run a little better, but it's still more of a hardware limitation. It should have never been pushed to these boxes in my opinion.
And your mention about the nb3 being outdated for cloud... The nb3 specs from the mfg, it's fully capable able to do iptv and those other things if Rogers did choose to go that route.

I would back the idea of them replacing all nb2 with nb3!
(Well anyone renting, technically CAN do this. Doesn't help the people who bought)

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

Wilbur wrote:


Ability to change 3 minute skip to desired time (30 seconds or 2 mins as an example).


I could go on. 




Not Navigatr related, but commercial skipping has always been a sore point with the networks and studios. It's possible to skip them automatically, but they won't allow it. It's designed to be awkward. Fast forwarding so you can resume in time still gets the "message" across. I have a 30-second skip on my DVDR that I can press 6 times anticipating a 3-minute break or 9 times anticipating a 4.5 minute break, etc, but they object to that too, so you're stuck with a 3-minute skip you have to FF or rewind half the time.


See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commercial_skipping

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

My biggest gripe with the NextBox / Navigatr is the continuation of the insanely uncustomer-focused "upgrade" performed a couple of years ago to include the team names in the titles of all the English Premier League soccer games, which completely obviated any possibility of recording a series of matches on the PVR!  I have complained to the President; was informed they were "working on it" and that was years ago!  I am a programmer. For goodness sake, just check up to the colon ":" in the title for recording a series!  Including the team names, means the "record the series" invaluable feature is useless. I have to painstakingly go through all the games and record each one individually.  Now I recognize that recording all the EPL games means I may have to delete the odd one I do not want to watch, but this is simple and I would much rather do that  than waste an hour or two every week searching for the soccer games and recording them individually.  😞   PLEASE, PLEASE FIX THIS.


Second most annoying "enhancement" with the NextBox - SPEED UP THE RESPONSE - my old 8300HD boxes were far faster than the new NextBox.  My wife, in particular, who is somewhat impatient of late 🙂  gets into a mess frequently by pressing a bitton more than once because of the delayeed responses.  i get called in to assist and it does not seem to help when I suggest that it is her impatience that is the problem.  🙂


Concerning the newly-introduced Navigatr user interface:


The most personally annoying dropped feature of the new, unilaterally-introduced Navigatr user interface for the NextBox is the apparent lack of support for my 500Gb, SATA II attached USB hard drive that the Navigatr appears to work with, but no longer will playback programs recorded on it. At least, that is my suspicion, as some of my recorded soccer matches do play, but the majority just display a blank, black screen, except for the navigation bar at the bottom. Perhaps technical support can assist here?  It has worked fine since the old 8300HD PVR and with the new NextBox with the previous interface.  Could it be something else?


Other, now-missing, useful features are:


UPARROW FROM THE TOP OF THE LIST TO THE BOTTOM - we need to watch recorded shows in chronological sequence, NOT in reverse chronological sequence order as displayed.  I am OK with the display, but please give us back the ability to uparrow to the end of the list when positioned at the top which is the default.  Having to scroll all the way down, especially given the abysmal response times, is very frustrating.


SORT BY PVR - my wife's soap opera shows are now "littered" (her words) with my soccer and sci-fi recordings.  Of course, guess who she blames!  Not you folks.  I have explained that I cannot fix this, but she remains inconsolable!  🙂


Does not appear to save all your preferences (sort sequence et al)?


Seems even slower than the previous interface and that was bad enough.


I'm an Advisor
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

@Gdkitty you would be good at getting a proper guide together. 


Re NB2 I woe the day I traded my sa8300 for an Nb2.

Underpowered/slow and flakey hardware from day1. 

May be memory challenged too, esp to hold all those pictures/tiles.

Needs to be recalled !


Re clouds etc.  Think that's our friend @BS 

Ever since the 1st personal computers, centralized ( cloud) vs decentralized argument has raged on.

Frankly there is a need for both, so both will continue o exist.

Do you own a phone with ZERO  storage ?



I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: UPDATED NextBox Navigatr - December 2015/January 2016

There seems to be so many bugs, it would be difficult to identify which one or what sequence of bugs caused this.


For this glitch, when you tried to press "record", you would get a pop up message saying something like:  "XXXX program already set to record", or words to that effect.  There was NO tile/box for it at all anywhere for that show. It was Rick Mercer actually.  I did try looking for the "scheduled" recordings but maybe I missed it. I wanted to try to delete it and re-record it, but there was nothing I could find.   We had to unplug and reboot. That seems to fix most issues but service to customers is definitely in a tailspin.   


I don't mind learning new procedures, but these problems are not due to new procedures, these are faults in the guide software, probably due to a rushed rollout by management. Now the procedures are inefficient (more buttons to push) and illogical. Pretty sad situation! I certainly commend the Resident Experts (REs) for doing all this work for Rogers as unpaid interns. They need to implement some software design changes before they loose people.