UHD/HDR testing and feedback

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UHD/HDR testing and feedback

No idea how to reach out to the right people at Rogers for this, so for the heck of it in the hopes that the right person trolls here, or mod cares to carry this forward....


In addition to being a Rogers TV customer I am a proffessional Consumer AV Technical Writer and Consultant.  I'd be happy to assit with service testing, quality assesment, etc. on emerging services related to UHD and HDR (including Dobly Vision and HDR10).  Operating under NDA is not a problem for me.


Incidentally, "4K" is categorically the wrong terminology for what you coming out with. Smiley Happy


If interested feel free to PM me.

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Re: UHD/HDR testing and feedback

Hello @BFlow

Unfortunately they don't allow customers do to testing on their boxes. That's why they have their own development teams to do it for them. Sadly you won't get much here. There might be a testing beta for their boxes in the future but right not there isn't any for us.
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Re: UHD/HDR testing and feedback

They have their own internal testing groups for these things..  As well, some of the Sr Techs, etc seem to be able to test them as well (from the last one that i talked to).

I will fully admit though.. that I do sometimes question how much/serious they do it.. what they collect, etc.

Look at things like Navigatr, etc.. how some of that sorts of stuff got through??

I myself would LOVE if they open up to some more extended testing, by more POWER real world users.

I think the big thing comes then down to the LEGALITY part.
For the current testers, etc.. as they are all rogers employees, there are then things under their contracts/employment agreements that then hold them to not releasing any information.
There would have to be quite the legal NDAs set up for non rogers employees.