Temporary Cable torn down by passing Truck

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Temporary Cable torn down by passing Truck

Yesterday at 12:50pm May 27th, 2019 a passing transport truck caught our overhead temporary cable wire that was strung across the street to a tree and then our house. It yanked the cable out of the overhead line and did some serious damage to our house. I'm wondering who is liable for this damage? The height across the road for the line at maximum would have been 15-17 feet as that is the hang heights for the overhead line and the hang height of the tree it was strung to relative to the street height. We filed a police report and the officer told us that it was Rogers fault or the Truck company's fault depending on if the wire was hung too low. We will have to go through our house insurance to repair the damage to the power line into our house and the Power meter that was pulled away due to it being a safety hazard as well as our eves troughs and siding.IMG_4536.JPGIMG_4517.JPGIMG_4516.JPGIMG_4516.JPG

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Re: Temporary Cable torn down by passing Truck

@robwilkes you might want to give the Electrical Safety Authority a call and ask the local inspector to have a look at the situation.  I suspect that Rogers or its subcontractor will be faulted for unsafe practices.  A written statement from the ESA inspector might be beneficial when it comes to dealing with the insurance company.  Unfortunately, low overhanging temp cables appear to be a normal practice, as this has come up before in the forum.  It was only a matter of time until something like this was going to occur.  


Here's the ESA contact number from their web site:  1-877-372-7233





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Re: Temporary Cable torn down by passing Truck

Hello, @robwilkes


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and congratulations on your first post!


I can only imagine how disappointing it must have been to come home and see this type of damage to your home. =(


We definitely want to escalate this matter for you so we can ensure it is investigated fully on our end. Please send a Private Message to @CommunityHelps so we can gather your information and get started. 


If you are not familiar with our Private Messaging system please Click Here.