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I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 19

Re: TSN 4K

The problem with 997 (Ignite) starting and stopping every 4 minutes still remains.  Since that is the only thing that can be tested at the present I am assuming that nothing has been solved.

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 9

Re: TSN 4K

“Sorry we’re having some trouble “ please try playing this program again. Still having trouble ? You may need to choose another program


Message on all 4K channnels today
I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 16

Re: TSN 4K

I had the same thing come up on one of my tv’s today. Resetting the box solved the problem.
I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 19

Re: TSN 4K

Well if you reboot a bunch of times that msg may or may not go away.  Spent 2 hours talking to support supervisor this morning about the lack of competence shown.  If you get Nat Geo on 85 go look.  It is broadcasting the content from 67.  When I tried to report this to "support" after 5 times I had to ask for a supervisor.  I understand that level one support is handled in the following fashion.  Every morning the 2 or 3 people they have that have heard of Ignite get in line outside the Rogers office.  Soon random people join the line and eventually go into the building and become support agents for a day.


I asked the supervisor about my tickets and found out that they were all closed.  Closed but not fixed.  Seems that support does not understand that something that works in Toronto may not work in Ottawa.  I have the number of the senior tech from Forefront in Ottawa and when I called him to tell him the latest the laughter was loud and long.


I have file a report the BBS about paying for a service which is not delivered.  


Rogers should be ashamed of how poorly the system is and how poorly they support it.  Has anyone else had the its a Comcast problem rather than Rogers.  I then tell them I pay Rogers not Comcast and that seems to put a silence in place as they have no written down response for that.

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 19

Re: TSN 4K

Spoke too soon.  4K channels are gone again.  Since this forum looks down on colourful speech I have nothing more to say.

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