TCM HD aspect ratio problem

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: TCM HD aspect ratio problem

By way of a follow up.....


At some point durring the past week (I cant pinpoint the day), the issue was corrected.  Who, how, and exctly where will likely forever be a mystery.


Thanks to whoever it was, though in kind I honestly feel someone at Rogers should be thanking me for competently pressing the issue for so long.

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I've Been Around
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Re: TCM HD aspect ratio problem

Just switched to ignite and I'm having this same problem for TCM HD. INFO button says it's bcast in HD but not on screen. Every other channel is fine for HD.
Can anyone help?
Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: TCM HD aspect ratio problem

What are you seeing for various movies? TCMHD usually broadcasts all their movies OAR (Original Aspect Ratio), however, since many of the movies are old, many of them are 4:3 aspect and would have black bars on the sides.  Only 16:9 movies would fill your screen. TCM also has a lot of 2.35:1 movies which have black bars above and below the image.


Now, if you have bars above and below, as well as to the sides, then that would indicate it's being incorrectly sent as SD.  Have you tried looking at/recording various movies, especially some of the more recent ones?