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Superstation Pack

Can anyone tell me what is included in the superstation pack? I cannot find any description. It is included in my package but I can't find any of the Superstations. Sports Superstation Pack shows as a different pack. Can anyone help?



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Re: Superstation Pack

Hello @24Wilmot,


Welcome to the Community Forums!


To answer your question, the channels available to you with the Superstation Pack are:


  • WPIX (342) 
  • HDWPIX (570)
  • WSBK (343) 
  • HDWSBK (571)
  • WGN (345) 
  • HD WGN (573)
  • KTLA (344) 
  • HDKTLA (572)


Hope this helps!  




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Re: Superstation Pack

Does Rogers no longer have the HD feeds for WPIX and KTLA? I'm in NB and have the Superstations pack but only see WSBK and WGN in HD? It used to be available. Will it be coming back if not provided at the moment?
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Re: Superstation Pack

Hello @Bushbudha,


Welcome to the Community!


The TV watching experience is definitely better in HD. However, KTLA and WPIX are not offered in high definition in New Brunswick. 


You can find more information about the US Superstation Pack here






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Re: Superstation Pack

After having this channel pack as a stand alone $3 per month add-on for years, I found it suddenly disappeared when I downgraded my internet from 1 gig to 500 meg and I subsequently called in to complain. 


The rep told me I had to add either TMN Encore, Super Channel or the French version to get the $3 / month US Superstation Pack which does not mention being dependent on another package on the Rogers web site.  I believe the CRTC unbundled the US Superstations from TMN/Superchannel years ago. 


Although I was given one year free as an up front credit for adding TMN Encore, I think now this was more of a bait and switch tactic to upsell me.

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Re: Superstation Pack

A few days ago I noticed I lost Super Channel and most of my time shifting channels. When I renewed back in August I was told that everything would remain the same, now I've lost more services. After losing game centre live this is just another kick in the gut. 

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Re: Superstation Pack

Did you change from say an older TV pacakge (vip, etc) to something like the newest ones (premier, etc).
As the newer ones, it appears, does not include time shifting by default.
(its an addon).

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Re: Superstation Pack

I stayed with the popular package, it was all included up until a few days ago when I lost them
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Re: Superstation Pack

Hello @rka_99,


Thank you for being a part of the Community, we hope you enjoy your stay here! 😊


The timeshifting channels are definitely a nice option to have, should you happen to miss your favourite program or were unable to pre-record it!


I'm afraid @Gdkitty is accurate--the timeshifting channels do not come already included in any of our in-market cable TV packages. You would need to subscribe to one of our timeshifting theme packs to receive this service. You may click HERE to view the available options. 


The same would go for the Super Channels, they are also considered an additional add-on and would have a cost associated of $9.99/month. 


Is it possible that you were receiving a special promotion that may have recently expired? There is also a possibility that you were receiving them for free in error, and the system may have realized this and therefore, removed them from your channel line-up. I have seen this happen on a few occasions.

If you would like, we can take a closer look into your account services to confirm what happened. You are welcome to send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on our Private Messaging system, please CLICK HERE.