Super Sports Pack / Centre Ice / GameCenter Live

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Re: Super Sports Pack / Centre Ice / GameCenter Live

@jaygee has made a great point though and that is the difficulty of finding information since you added your new TV packages - Select, Popular, and Premier. Any links to packages like the Sports Theme Pack, Movie Theme Pack, HD Specialty Theme Pack, etc. are nowhere to be found. Your website has regressed even further in functionality. You can't order online, have to go to multiple pages to find pricing information, can't even find pricing for anything that isn't part of a package (other than the hardware rental), broken links everywhere that just redirect to the main TV package page... it is just terrible up and down.

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Re: Super Sports Pack / Centre Ice / GameCenter Live

Hi there.
Last year we had both the super sports pack and the US super channels and loved it. This year when I went to put the super sports pack back on our package I was told that there was a conflict between the US super channels and the sports pack and that I needed to add other channels to make it work. The lowest price I was quoted for the US super channels, the super sports pack and some random add-on channels we dont want was around 75 dollars a month. Now, considering we were paying $23.13 for our add-on channels (Super channel, Superstation pack and Nature and adventure pack) and the sports pack is 35.95 why do we have to pay an extra 15-16 dollars for channels we dont want just to get channels we do want...namely the super sports pack.
I have called 3 times and tried to get an answer but, although the reps were pleasant and helpful, they each gave me different answers.
All we want is to keep the packages and channels we have and add the Super sports pack for $35.95. It makes no sense to try and force us to take 16 dollars worth of channels we dont want. Because of this Rogers is not getting our 35.95 a month....there is no logic to this.

I apologize for rambling but I'm going through hockey withdrawl and need the sports pack!!! I do not need it bad enough to get fleeced out of an additional 16 dollars a month though.
Kindly look into this for me...I am grateful for your time
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Re: Super Sports Pack / Centre Ice / GameCenter Live

Good evening and welcome to the Community @Harceps,


No need to apologize, I wouldn't like missing a favourite show either! I appreciate the details you've provided. Based on what you've shared it seems like there may be a conflict preventing my colleague from adding the Super Sport Pak on your account. I would have a better understanding of the issue once I have access to your account. Since Community is a public platform, I would recommend you to reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps for further assistance.


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