Stingray Video channels no longer available.

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Re: Stingray Video channels no longer available.

Good evening @BMan78,


From time to time, we adjust our channel lineups to reflect the changing viewership trends of our customers. Sometimes that means adding or removing channels.  Since April 6, 2019, XITE 4K has not been a part of our channel lineup. 


As of October 1, 2020, some of the more popular Stingray Music channels were added to your TV package. At the same time, some channels with lower viewership were removed; this means they are no longer included in your TV package or Stingray Plus package since October 1st. Additionally, some channel numbers were also reassigned for some of the Stingray channels.


To find out which Stingray Music channels have been added, removed or replaced, please view the full listing here.



Hope this helps :).