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Starter package channels

Website says up to 35 channels.


When you click on "see channels included", there are only a couple handfuls of channels package  shown on the website.


What is the catch?  I'm trying to reduce my ridiculously high bill, because my 2 year term ended in August 2016.


I would like to find out what you get with the starter package


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Re: Starter package channels

Good evening @cpyalls,


Welcome to the Forums!


In order to see what channels are included in the Starter Package, please click on the following link:


Then, you will see this :

Sans titre.png

Click on "See channels included >", to access a list of the channels that come with the package in question.


Hope this helps!



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Re: Starter package channels

@cpyalls  It is a very good question, as the availability of channels on any package are a bit confusing.


There are 35 listed guess since it says 35+ means minimum 35, may add more, but for now 35.


But note the following - one is "on demand" channell 100, which you get by pushing the on demand button on the remote - not really a channel, but on demand pay per view movies, other pay per view items, some pay and purchase options, and where stations provided it, limited copies of previous shows from this season so you can choose to watch a show you may have missed. The stored TV shows are free, plus you can also access the same material off line with on demand using anyplace TV, so you could watch by logging onto an Internet connection in Canada - only the material you are subscribed to that is available on demand will be there.


Others you may not really care about - Rogers local TV, the weather network, Ontario parliment, ICI tele which is french, which you may or may not want, CPAC french and English, Aptn which is aboriginal - most of these are mandated as required by CRTC.


Only networks are ABC, CBC, CBS, CITY, CHCH, FOX, and CTV and CTV two Global and NBC, and Omni , TVO, and Global - all local networks and available from US if you are near Lake Ontario. - Majority of these, ifyou live in the Toronto areas, you could get off a quality over the air digital antenna in full digital, so if you are looking to reduce costs, the stuff in that package, personally, you can cut the cord and get it for the cost of equipment - 


Keep in mind, you will also be required to purchase or rent a terminal at 12.95 per month, 319 to buy. I personally wouldn't recommend buying, as you are getting not new, but refurbished, so rent, because things will obviously be changes in boxes in the future year or so. If you want PVR capability, that will be a higher cost at 24.95, so you can see how the costs begin to add up and you begin to approach what you may actually already have. Same is true with all the companies at the moment, not unique to Rogers. Oops, forgot, also a 49.99 install fee, which may possibly be waved, since all you would probably be doing is swapping out a box, but it is there in the details.


You can also add on the Theme packs listed, but you will be very quickly be adding costs, and you may find that one of the lower end packages may be better, but probably close to what you may be already paying. Premium services like HBO and TMN are more too, but available.  


Bundling is a way to save some money, if you need the bundled services.  Also, contact them and discuss options, possibly retentions may be able to come up with some kind of deal. At least get them to discuss every option they can give you and have an idea of just what you are after - specific channels, that you may loose can add costs, or not even be available, and with the theme packages, you may still be getting things you don't want (pick and pay next year may change that whole option, so you may want to take a bit of time to see what is coming)


Also keep in mind, that the CRTC mandated pick and pay of individual channels and packages comes fully into place January 1st 2017, but may also be transitory at that point as things settle down and the competition all see what each other are doing.


Lots to think about for sure.


Good luck.



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Re: Starter package channels

Clicking on the link, the blue box or the yellow arrow does not take me to the starter chanel list. it takes me to "" and that page does not contains any links to the starter chanel list.

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Re: Starter package channels



Make sure that your browser has JavaScript enabled and perhaps also allows popups. The list of channels (pictures of the channel logos) pops up when you click on the "see channels included" link.


I assume that if JavaScript is not enabled it takes to to another page that doesn't provide the information you want (which happens on a lot of websites).

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Re: Starter package channels

I confirmed that JAVA was enabled and I turned pop-up off (no blocking)


Result: The link still does not work and the blue box still does nothing on either of my two computers. 


What do you propose now?

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Resident Expert
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Re: Starter package channels

You cannot click on the blue box, or the yellow arrow in post two - they are not links. You need to go to the following link (from post 2) first:


From there you can click on "see channels included" and then you should be able to see the channels pop-up.  If not, perhaps try a different browser?


Here's what the pop-up looks like.  It may take a few minutes for the picture below to be approved:



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Re: Starter package channels

Even with all my internet security off I am still unable to reach this link. It keeps bouncing me back to "" without any explanation or malfunction indication. 


Java is still on and the pop-up blocker is off.


Any other suggestions?



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Re: Starter package channels

The Starter Package listing at with postal code K1C 2W1 (Ottawa) lists PBS Watertown HD (WPBS) channel 64, but it has no tick, has no Theme Pack and has no Stand-alone add on.

ie it appears to be not included in the Starter Package and there is no way to add it.

According to Haicha from Rogers in Montréal, according to her system, PBS Watertown HD (WPBS) channel 64 is included in starter package, select, popular and premier. She says:

"When I look into my system it says it is part of the starter package, select, popular and premier,  they may have forgoten to add it online."

Can you confirm that PBS Watertown HD (WPBS) channel 64 is in the Starter Package?

Can you get the online listing at to show that it is?

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Re: Starter package channels

Popular vs Popular Specialty Package


Spoke with rogers billing and wanted to know if anybody could confirm but I have the gigabit 3 service bundle wich lists the popular package and then under extra channels lists Popular Specialty package.  Billing is saying they are the same thing.  If somebody knows if they are different is there a list of what is in the Popular Specialty Package?  I was getting space HD until needing to swap out a reciever the other day anybody else with the Gig package getting space?