Rogers on Demand down system wide Wednesday November 16, 2016

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Re: Rogers on Demand down system wide Wednesday November 16, 2016

Quick update - I checked my signal levels on my end, and they seemed quite fine.  Did a chat, and he told me they were rock solid in the best range.


He was stumped why I don't have weather channel or call display loading.  Suggested we do a reauthorizing process again - I said, no, will leave that to the tech if it continues, Have done it 4 times already to no avail and my box is in the middle of recording, and would lose part of recording, and can't get to on demand to watch there instead.  Last night, we picked up the lost 15 minutes of a show from On Demand on Anyplace TV on the laptop.

He apologized for the On Demand and reiteritated the message that sits right at the top of the chat box and you now hear when you phone in.


So we left it at that and will wait until tomorrow for the tech to see what they find.  Just don't suggest a reset please - way too many shows to catch up on right now.


Here's to clearing this up soon.


Won't go after compensation until I see result of tomorrow's work and prediction on returning ROD.  I can accept that things do go wrong and they are working with it, but I only put up with so much. I am polite and patient, but do expect restitution for failures in delivery of service beyond a reasonably expected amount that always occurs with cabling and switching and servers and all other related equipment.



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Re: Rogers on Demand down system wide Wednesday November 16, 2016

Good evening users,


We have just been made aware that the issue some customers were experiencing, with the Rogers On Demand service, has been resolved and the service should therefore be restored for everyone who was impacted.


If you are unable to access ROD, please turn off your digital terminal, unplug the power cord for a few seconds, before plugging it back in. Wait until the reboot is complete before turning on your terminal, and trying to access the On Demand menu.


Please let us know if you are still having issues or if you require further assistance! Smiley Wink


Thank you again for your patience and understanding!



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Re: Rogers on Demand down system wide Wednesday November 16, 2016

I donno @BS

The RoD being down period right now, is one thing.

But all the other issues??
It STILL to me, first suspect is signal.  Generally all those sorts of things.. the call display, the weather, RoD, etc.. they all require TWO WAY communications from the box to rogers.  not just incoming signal.. so it needs to be much cleaner, etc.
(weather and call display works fine on mine, i checked last night.. so its not a back end down like RoD)

They didnt actually TELL you what the signal levels are??
Not at home, so cant tell you the exact screen.  But you can get into the system meny by holding down exit until you see the power light on the unit blink, press the down arrow twice, then #2.
Just to be sure 🙂

Only other thing i could think.. is something else more local.. that your local node, etc.. isnt communciating right back to rogers, etc.   But then everyone in the area would have the same thing likely, neibours, etc.

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Re: Rogers on Demand down system wide Wednesday November 16, 2016

Am on the phone now waiting in the hope of getting some kind of credit for the loss of ROD service.
I never got a notification of responses here either, so something not right here as well.


Edit:   Got a $20 + taxes credit.   The person told me that it should be back to normal now, or very soon.  She asked me to reboot and is calling me back to check status at 10am or thereabouts.

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Re: Rogers on Demand down system wide Wednesday November 16, 2016

No they didn't tell me the levels that time, but they did give me the ranges when I called in last night, I checked on the box in diagnostics and found that they were well within tolerance as the chat guy had told me and we agreed.  Got a message that they worked with an issue in the area and would I want them to cancel my service call today - I was half asleep at the time, as I was up all night, so I cancelled it for that reason.


So guess there was a signal issue in the area, but the problems of the app functions not working still is there, so guess we may still be dealing with a signal issue, but the levels don't suggest it.  The box has also doing that old game of once a day reaching a point where the box is completely unresponsive to any commands, or even turning it off at the box and I have to reboot.


My wife and I will do some TV watching of recorded shows and clear those this weekend, then we can play the game of factory reset and swap the box.


Ahh, technology.

I can live with the inconvience for now.  We haven't been watching much TV that is why we have so many recordings, or OnDemand either as of late.  Real life has us busy.


Thanks @Gdkitty  Always appreciate your knowledge.


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Re: Rogers on Demand down system wide Wednesday November 16, 2016

@RogersMaude  Unfortunately, this morning 10:45 ROD is still not loading, but mine may be bigger issues. I have rebooted my box twice last night as directed by support.  And just rebooted it when I read your post - no change for me.


Thanks for the update - by the way, chat still has the same warning message about ROD issues.


Thanks always, Bruce

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Re: Rogers on Demand down system wide Wednesday November 16, 2016

Quick update - I called in this morning at 11:00 a.m and they advised me that the On Demand issue has been resolved, but that I was dealing with different issues - just coincidence that I ran into both at the same time, which led to obvious challenges for troubleshooting.


She did see that my signals are off a bit, which I confirmed on my end, but that there are line techs in the area as there is an area wide issue that is impacting various types of services in the area including home phone, Internet and Cable.  We did have an Internet issue a couple of weeks ago that took about 4 hours to resolve.


So the status for my area in North Whitby is that the line techs are currently working with the area issue, and to wait out.  She was in agreement with @Gdkitty suggested that the On Demand and my loss of the apps on the box are two different things, and that there may not be full 2 way communication, which hopefully will be resolved after they finish the work in the area.


I will watch my tv shows over the weekend and I told her I would call on Monday if it is still not functioning as I didn't want to take the chance that we were going to be swapping a box or resetting to factory defaults, which she agreed was a possibility, but for now, I have the issue that first I lost my apps suggesting signal last week, then ROD went down, then they had the area wide networking problem they are currently working with, so I just have to be patient while they work their way through each issue one by one.


I haven't yet asked for any compensation, because they are working diligently with me on getting things fixed.  Depending upon how much longer it takes, I may consider asking.  In the past, I have had people just offer it at the end of the call on their own.  But for now I think there hands are quite full with a mix of problems.


So back to watching TV shows.  Bruce

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Re: Rogers on Demand down system wide Wednesday November 16, 2016

@RogersMaude, thanks. So what caused the outage? I'm going to be persistent with this one. These outages happen way too often and it's time Rogers customers are given an accurate and honest explanation.
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Re: Rogers on Demand down system wide Wednesday November 16, 2016

Gone again here in Pickering.

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Re: Rogers on Demand down system wide Wednesday November 16, 2016

Well, we continue with same issues with our services only worse than we started with.  We have been advised twice now that our area outage for our postal code was resolved, we have been told twice that ROD was fixed, but they do identify that signals are ok, but poor two way communication, so it could be our wiring locally to our home, or it could also be the box.


It was suggested that with no ROD functioning, some channels missing and then coming back, and large delays in the box signal from the remote that it may very well be the box.


So we are going to finish out our recordings before Wednesday.


Definitely will be asking for compensation.  I know things can go wrong and sometimes everything goes wrong at the same time, but I have worked diligently along with them and they have too, but communication has been inconsistent between techs since the reality is they have no idea what is going on with my situation as there are so many things going wrong at the same time and my own individual situation has been delayed because of two server issues and local issues (ROD and two way communication).


It represents a lot of reboots - 7 today so far - if we push channel change three times for example, it may freeze up, if we bring up guide and then ask for recorded shows, it may not come up at all and sometimes it just frezzes totally.


Don't need answers or suggestions, it will come,  I do hope that my local area issues for my neighboroughs has been cleared as they suggest, and that ROD is fixed for the majority.


I have to begin to think that with so many failed communications to the box that we may be looking at a corruption - I would expect to see this with a computer, why not these boxes too.  I have been lucky haven't replaced a box in over a year now.