Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

Ok, no problem.  Whenever its convenient and you feel like tackling this, post an update.  Take some notes during your tests to keep track of the configuration for the modem, router and Macbook Pro and the results, and post those so we can sort them out and make some sense out of them.  


This is a process of elimination.  Point to keep in mind, each device can have hardware and/or software issues, and that includes the XB6 modem, google router and MacBook Pro.  


So, just to start out, you get 200 Mb/s thru the modem, I'm assuming that's with the MacBook Pro. 


You get 500 Mb/s thru the google router on wifi, which I'm also assuming is the MacBook Pro.  


So, whats the ethernet data rate with the MacBook Pro, thru the google router?  I'd assume that its going to be 200 Mb/s.  


If you're getting 500 Mb/s on wifi, thru the google router, then the data rate thru the modem to the router has to be 500 Mb/s.  The slow data rates are thru the ethernet connected MacBook Pro.  


So, what the problem with the MacBook Pro?  I came across an old article on slow Macbook Pro ethernet performance:


This is a little dated, but, does it have any relevance to the situation? 

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