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Rogers Ignite - Sharp TV - 4K doesn't work

I've Been Here Awhile

I recently purchased a new 4K HDR Sharp Smart TV.  It works great and switched out easily to connect with my Rogers Ignite Box.  The problem I am running into is trying to access 4K channels - The tests noted below were done with channels 509 - "SN1" and 982 - "Love Nature". 


Initially setting the resolution in the settings to "best available" did not include 4K.  The setting now shows this as an option, but when I select it, the screen flashes from snow, to green, to blank, to purple, etc...  - in fact, making the change in settings got into an endless loop and Rogers support helped me by removing and re-adding HDMI and power cords.  The 4k "best available" setting is an option, but I cannot select it in settings.  When I tune to a 4K channel, the feedback tells m to change the resolution - when I select this option, my screen recycles as above, but after a half-minute or so, it settles back to the message, but will not accept the selected channel.


On a support call with Ignite, they said perhaps the "handshake" with the TV is not good.  The manufacturer was less-than-helpful, but I don't think it is a TV issue, because I can see You Tube 4k videos fine - at least I think they are playing in 4k!


That is a lot of information, but I wanted to at least let the forum know that I have tried to resolve this.  All comments are welcomed




Re: Rogers Ignite - Sharp TV 4K

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Here are my comments, suggestions:


1. I don't believe 509 is 4K, only HD.

2.  I believe all the 4K channels are in the high 900's. (I don't have Ignite, so I can't be sure).

3. It shouldn't matter what channel you're on, you should be able to select 4K as a video output format on the Ignite box.

4. You may have a "bad" HDMI cable that's not able to transmit 4K

5. The firmware in the Sharp may be out of date, causing handshake issues. Have you updated the TV's firmware?

6. Try reversing the ends on the HDMI cable and make sure you've got a good connection at both ends.

7. Have you tried a different HDMI cable?

8. Flashing colours on the screen almost always indicates a poor connection or improper handshake.

9. Some TVs may have specific HDMI inputs designed for 4K, while others are HD.  

10. Are the YouTube 4K videos via the TV's app or an external device like a computer?  If an external device, try that cable/TV input.

11. You can see the YouTube information under "stats for nerds" which can be accessed via the three dots on an internal TV app or by right clicking the actual video on a computer.  It will typically show the display resolution, the incoming resolution, connection speed, etc.

Re: Rogers Ignite - Sharp TV 4K

I've Been Here Awhile

Hello 57:


Thanks for the speedy response, and I will try these suggestions later today.  I did double-check and, at least according to Rogers, 509 is supposedly 4 k 


According to Sharp, my TV firmware should be automatically updated as it is connected to my WIFI and the default setting is auto-update


I will try moving around cables and also switching them out, as this seems like it might be the culprit.  I will post an update when I have tried the suggestions offered.


Thanks again





Re: Rogers Ignite - Sharp TV 4K

I've Been Here Awhile

As promised - here is my update.  I replaced the cable from the box to the HDMI input on the TV and all seemed okay.  I then tested a few changes here and there, and ran into a similar issue.  I eventually removed all cabling and went back to basics, adding 1 cable at a time - i.e. Box/Modem to TV, test - OK, Sound Bar to TV, test - OK.  I then changed back the cable that I thought was the problem, and the tests were all successful.  It seems that I either had an incorrect hook up, or one of the HDMI cables was not properly connected.


Thanks again for the help and pointing me in the right direction.

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