Rogers INTERNET discontinued next week I'm told by Rogers SalesPerson. NIGHTMARE signup experience!

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers INTERNET discontinued next week I'm told by Rogers SalesPerson. NIGHTMARE signup experien

I have no time to play these games. I have no idea what equipment I had with Bell nor do I care. 


What I DO KNOW is the guy who came to my door PROMISED there would be no issues and it would be faster.


It is NONE of these things. I should have learned my lesson when I left you guys two years ago but I'm a sucker for a good deal apparently. Oh wait my first bill was $467 so even that was nonsense. 

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Re: Rogers INTERNET discontinued next week I'm told by Rogers SalesPerson. NIGHTMARE signup experien

Good morning @15JStone,


I'm definitely disappointed to hear that you have been extremely let down by our Ignite TV service after having such high hopes. This service has been working great for many of our customers and we certainly want the same to be the case for you too!


As mentioned by @-G-, there could be other barriers that are causing the connectivity issue (third party equipment or set up, modem placement, etc.) but we would first need to pinpoint the cause in order to fix it. As for the billing, we'll need to review the details to better understand why it is so high and to see if an error has been made at our end. If it is indeed an error, we'll be more than happy to resolve this for you. 😊


Have you had any other technicians out to your home since the initial set-up? A dedicated Ignite TV concierge may have been assigned to you for any additional follow-up and support--have you had a chance to reach out to them or explain the issues you've been experiencing? Here is the contact information for our Dedicated Ignite TV Concierge Team:


Dial: 1.866.299.3622
Option #1 - Technical Support
Option #2 - Dial the extension of your Ignite Concierge directly
Or press "0" to speak with any available Ignite Concierge Agent


As an alternative, you may also reach out to us here in the Rogers Community Forums by sending a quick Private Message our way! For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Kind regards,


I've Been Around
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Re: Rogers INTERNET discontinued next week I'm told by Rogers SalesPerson. NIGHTMARE signup experien

@KPC2019 wrote:

What a nightmare this past few days have been!!!  A few days ago we tried to sign up for cable+internet. The person on the phone pushed us to get ignite so we signed up.  They made us run a CREDIT CHECK even though we've been customers for 20 years, so that hit our credit rating negatively.  Then we did some research and found out that ignite isn't what we want, and cancelled with an online chat operator.  Disconnected once during that chat, and operator was very pushy about ignite and finally I had to say "please I'm begging you to stop pushing ignite, I just want normal internet and cable", until finally 1.5 hours later I got them to cancel.  They said I would have to call back the next day to set up regular cable+internet.


So today we call up, and THIS lady won't do it. She says we HAVE To get ignite because rogers is no longer offering anything but ignite, and that they're phasing out the old PVR devices etc in a week and they'll stop working.  So we said fine, just give us cable for a week then. She was clearly lying because why would rogers continue to sell a service that would be gone in a week? Makes zero sense.  Every 5 minutes she would try to push IGNITE again, just RELENTLESS.  Finally after an aggravating hour, it looks like we're in the home stretch.  Then she asks for our permission to run a credit check again!!  They just ran one yesterday, and but she says they destroyed the records when we cancelled ignite and have to do it again. And every time they check your credit it reduces your credit rating, so we hung up.  Absolutely unbelievable, horrible customer service practices.


Now we have NO CABLE AND INTERNET and can't get it. I have heard great things about BELL but I guess that's our only choice.  This week involved 4+ phone calls, probably 6 hours with customer service, boiling blood pressures, lies, misunderstandings, conflicting information from operators, all because of this . ignite service that's being pushed, obviously on commission.


I guess I'm going to create a website to let the world know about this so they don't fall into the same pitfalls as we did... The world needs to know that rogers no longer offers cable and internet- I got it right from the horses mouth.


This is quiet a common issue...