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I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV

And just like that - no reason - everything is up to date - no changes on my side -

My Anyplace TV will not go to full screen anymore.  I've waited a week.  Done restarts.  Ensured all updates are completed.  Nope no full screen.


Every single day i learn of a new way to watch online the programs i want via new streaming services.  When my "good deal" package I have with Rogers runs out.  There will be no need for me to renew.  How can there be so many problems watching with rogers and never any other streaming service?

I've Been Around
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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV

Over the weekend I realized my Anyplace TV has stopped working... the funny part, only on my laptop. My desktop still logs in fine. Both are at home on the home network. Both are using Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98. Both share the same password login as Chrome is synced across the two. The only difference is I can't bring my desktop with me to the toilet!


When I try logging in on my laptop on Chrome I get "Something went wrong. Please try restarting the app or try again later." If I do it on IE, I get "Server error could not retrieve entitlements."


This worked two weeks ago, whatever you've done you've broke it on your end. I've reset Chrome, deleted the cookies, passwords, everything...


Any advice?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV

Here's a list of things to check. I know you've tried some, but have you tried them all?

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV

Fire HD 8 (2018) with Fire OS 6 [equivalent Android 7 Nougat]


Rogers Anyplace TV app (from Google Play) thinks I am outside of Canada I don't have a VPN Same app on my S7 opened from same place (home) at same time via Wi-Fi works fine All others app (FXNowCanada, a&e, CityTV, CTV, GlobalTV, History Go, Bravo Go, Space Go, SN SportsNet, cBC etc from Bell, Rogers and independent networks) work fine. But not Rogers Anyplace ... What is wrong?

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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV

Hello, @Mocoso.


I appreciate joining the conversation. If I correctly understood, Anyplace TV works on Samsung S7 but not on Fire HD 8 running Fire OS 6. 


Below are the Anyplace TV requirements:


Operating Systems:

  • Android device running Android 4.4 or higher
  • iOS device running iOS9 or higher
  • Macintosh OS running a supported web browser
  • Microsoft Windows running a support web browser

Plug-Ins and More:

  • JavaScript
  • Must enable cookies in the browser
  • Must enable Location Services on tablets and smartphones

Web Browsers:

  • Google Chrome v.50+
  • Internet Explorer 11 (latest version) on Windows 8.1+
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

At the moment, devices running Fire OS are not supported. Thank you for understanding!




I've Been Around
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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV

Hi...My rogers anyplace tv says cannot access outside Canada. I am in Toronto and using Samsung S7 phone and Samsung Tab A 32gb that always worked previously. How can this be corrected?
Thanks amd appreciate as I see others saying the same thing.
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Re: Rogers Anyplace TV

Hello, @Bob1936.


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Thank you for joining this conversation. That error happening on both devices is puzzling. Would you please confirm the devices are running the latest app version,


Can you please confirm that you are not running a VPN service at the router level? Just want to rule out the possibility of your IP address not being outside of Canada. 


Let's try the following on your S7 device:

  • Close the Anyplace TV app if it's running in the background
  • Navigate to Apps/Anyplace TV/Permissions - make sure Anyplace TV has location and telephone permissions
  • Navigate to Apps/Anyplace TV/Storage - clear cache and clear data
  • Launch the app, enter the credentials and try streaming any video

Keep us posted. 







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