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Rent it + Get it

Has anyone used this before? How long do you get the Rental for and how long after DVD releases “in-stores” do you get the Blu Ray/DVD sent to your house?
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Re: Rent it + Get it

Good evening and welcome to the Community @AWagner,



Rent It and Get It is a great way to watch a new release and own it too. Only available in Ontario at this time, you can get early access to the movie before its DVD release through Rogers On Demand. When you rent a movie you get unlimited views for 48 hours. Once the movie is released on DVD in Canada, you will get the DVD by mail.



Hope this helps 🙂.






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Re: Rent it + Get it

Just looking at the rent it + get it section of the On Demand paid movies -


Somewhat confused - there is only one choice there at this moment - is Venom from the Venom comic series - it has mixed ratings, suggesting that if you like the original comic, you will like the movie, but if you were not into the comic you probably ranked it low - critic review for tomatoes is 28% - star ratings were 68% over 3.5, so not bad.


So with so little choice, just what is the point of it.  and I was looking at the cost of 29.99 to rent and get the BlueRay,


You can get the same from Amazon Prime for 21.99 from Ciniplex for 26.99, HD a bit cheaper, and if you watch SD, cheaper again.


The above post says you get 48 hours rental,  but the screen actually shows 2160 hours which is around 31 days (error in description?)


So, may be rent it when it comes out and see if you want it, then buy it from one of the cheaper suppliers and once they start going out for resale on Amazon, you can get great deals.  Or you just have to see and it and want to buy it, you can do that with the prerelease - that is the only benefit I see - little cost benefit for me, but to each their own.


To each their own, now that I actually looked at it, the release date is Jan 19, so I would just order it from one of the online sources.  Really not a great deal. And also not a highly rated movie - Tomatoes critics rate it 28%, star rankings were 65%.  They found that people who had followed the comics like it, people who didn't didn't like it and most viewers were the comic followers.


Just observing that with no choice and other options to buy and rent available - if you own a Roku or android box, you have a huge selection of rental options available to you, but if you just want to have a set top box only - not a bad option -  I can see why Rogers and other companies are putting Netflix, and You Tube, and now have the full crave Bell media options either on line or on your setbox with Ignite for the full mix and crave on the Navigatr.


Had never looked closely at it, nothing there I am interested and pricing is not worth it to me, not that I have rented or bought a DVD or blue ray in a long time anyway, but good to know what it is all about.


More and more changes to how and what we consume keeps coming.


Good question.



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rent it + Get it

How long after the release date would I get it?
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Re: Rent it + Get it

sounds to me the Rent it + Get it is more of a "convenience" thing, you simply rent it and watch it and enjoy the free standard definition dvd in the mail later on. Some people would prefer this instead of going online and ordering from amazon and having to deal with the order and shipping etc and etc. some people would stress them self out to do this to save a few bucks, is it worth it? i dunno, but everybody is different and wants things done differently, if this is not for you, then oh well, nothing lost, nothing gained.

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