Recordings dissapeared Nextbox 3.0

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Recordings dissapeare​d Nextbox 3.0

Just to add now: When recording a game with "manual" , I can set any end time. So, I have ended recording a game at 2 hrs, not ended as yet, and low and behold , it is saved! Does Rogers not get this? Can't they do some of this experimentation and fix the issue?

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Recordings dissapeare​d Nextbox 3.0

I think people nailed the cause with the theory that it's how the game signal terminates. I was recording a game on Saturday night. I also recorded the 1 hour period afterwards in case the game went long. The game recording was not saved but the 1 hr recording was.


So it's not purely "any recording on the Sports Pak stations." It has to do with the dropped signal when the game ends.


Seems like this should be easy and quick enough to fix.

I've Been Around
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Re: Recordings dissapeared Nextbox 3.0

Thankfully some of the folks on this board have great ideas and are helpful enough to pass them along. I've been experiencing this deletion issue for weeks, only to first be told I was hallucinating, then that "it's a known issue", and as I continue to call in and complain, I'm finding that some support staff know about this and others don't.


Unbelievable that Rogers still can't fix this (some pretty simple suggestions offered up that make sense!) or just drop the software affected back to the prior version until thorough testing is done to address this. Personally, I'm going to extend my recording for each of these by 3 hours when I set them up...that should be enough time for me to watch them before they vanish.


I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Recordings dissapeared Nextbox 3.0

It's been working fine up until couple days ago when all the sceduled recordings not saved after recording.

I did see the red light on during the recording, but the program was just not listed under "my recording" anymore as it should.


The unit is only 70% full, and the program to be recorded was only less than an hour.


Does it hint the unit is malfunctioning or something else? thanks for helping.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Recordings dissapeared Nextbox 3.0

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has seen issues. 


I noticed around March that the recordings were going wonky. One day, I looked at my list and saw about 25 recordings I never made, dating back to last year.... NBA All Star Game replay from 1984? Millionaire Matchmaker? Just ridiculous stuff... none of it took up any space. 


Recordings being missed. 


Box freezing every day. 


Finally, twice in a week, the box froze and I rebooted... to find all my recordings gone. 2 months worth of stuff gone. 


Switched the box, installed it, and within a week lost all my recordings again. 


Rogers tells me that it could be my power bar??? . ? Are you for real? Plugging it into the wall is the best I can be offered?


I have a housesitter while away on business, and first email I get when I land is that all the recordings have erased... AGAIN... and for some reasons I have 14 copies of The Nature of Things?? Thankfully they let me know, so I could have them doublecheck... turns out it ALSO CANCELLED ALL MY SCHEDULED RECORDINGS! Luckily they set it up I'd get the Mad Men Finale tonight.


Clearly this is a software/firmware issue. A bloody travesty. I will be contacting them to reverse my PVR charges for the past 2 months because I haven't gotten to watch ANYTHING I've recorded. 


I'm also seriously looking at cancelling. Internet service is fine, but this is completely inept on their part. 

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Recordings dissapeared Nextbox 3.0

MISSING recordings i have heard of a bunch... but a whole bunch ADDED?
THAT is really wierd..

Definately not normal for the box..
I know quite a number with it, who dont have the not recording/some disapearing.. let alone adding them


To me, that almost sounds like its been set up on the whole home system.. but without a mocha filter... which then the box is appearing on some one elses programming app.. and they are programming yours.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Recordings dissapeared Nextbox 3.0

Question is, what can they do to fix it?


This is the second box in 2 weeks that is doing this. 


Is it possible that, if someone else is accessing my recordings, they could be deleting them as well?


Also, what is a mocha filter?


To be honest, I'm very close to just cancelling my services outright. Last night, my house sitter told me that while they were watching TV (no freezing), my recordings got deleted again... including the Mad Men finale, which had to be reset to record earlier that day! It stopped recording and deleted it in the middle of the episode!

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
Posts: 13,994

Re: Recordings dissapeared Nextbox 3.0

That you have had 2 boxes, makes me definately think that something else is going on.
Is it possible two bad boxes? Sure..  but you should buy a lottery ticket then, those are pretty small chance of that.


Now.. you can use apps to access the boxes/recordings.
This requires you to log in with your MYROGERS login, which is tied with your rogers account.
No one else has your login, etc? (say to use rogers on demand, etc?) That could be loging in and doing stuff??


The 2nd part.. is part of the 'whole home PVR' functionality.  Dont know if on your setup this was part that was set up.
It allows you to program/watch the stuff on the PVR on other HD boxes in the house.
If you DIDNT specifically have this enabled.. this is partially what i am thinking MIGHT be enabled?
This is where that MOCA filter comes into play.  Its something that is installed in the house.. it pretty much prevents the 'share' between the boxes, from going outside the house.
IF its not installed.. someone 10 streets away, without one as well, potentially could be viewing your box.

On your nextbox 3, what do you see on the front?  The time.  The power light (if on).  Rec light (if recording).. and do you see a little other icon near where the power is, that looks like a house?

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Recordings dissapeared Nextbox 3.0

That's my thinking, and why I became irritated it was suggested to be a power issue of some kind.


I have the MyRogers app on my smartphone, but I'm the only one who has access to it and the password. 


I used to have Whole Home PVR - at my old place, when I had a TV in both the bedroom and living room (PVR in living room, terminal in bedroom)... when I moved in December, I returned the terminal.


I do have the house icon lit up... however, I only have one terminal. Do you think this could be the issue? Someone is seeing my recordings on their box, thinking they have the same problem as me and then recording them? My housesitter says that recordings are now disappearing while watching TV without the terminal freezing...

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Recordings dissapeared Nextbox 3.0

If you have a house icon it's acting like a whole home PVR and without the moca filter, the recordings probably show on someone else's PVR and are getting deleted by them. That would be my theory.

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