Recordings dissapeared Nextbox 3.0

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Re: Recordings dissapeare​d Nextbox 3.0

 Hello @anne_fred 


So this issue only happens on certain shows? For example most shows you record show up in your recording but sometimes certain shows are not getting recorded? Could provide the shows/channel having issues getting recorded if possible? Also how did you setup the recording was it from the guide or manually and do you see the program in your scheduled recordings?



@RogersShaun any insight on this?



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Re: Recordings dissapeare​d Nextbox 3.0

this just started recently

in the last couple of weeks and it is really annoying

today I unplugged it and rebooted it to see if that helps

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Re: Recordings dissapeare​d Nextbox 3.0

Hi @anne_fred 


Could you update us if the reboot had any effect? And I'm also wondering if you saw the red REC icon on the digital box while you were recording?

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Re: Recordings dissapeare​d Nextbox 3.0

I am having the same problem recording NBA games in the 430-450 range... when i record NBA games on ABC ( over 500) they record fine... when i record NBA package games (430-450) the red light is on the PVR during recording but the recordings don't appear afterwards ...i can even start watching the recording while it is recording ( say 10 minutes behind real time) ... the last one was 438 Tues Feb 10 from 8:00 to 11:00 : around 10:30 i noticed that the red recording light was no longer on and when i checked, the recording had been deleted from my list; at 10:30 the game had also already ended and the line-up listing page was up...this now happens every time i have tried to record any NBA package game for about the last couple of weeks.

I am using the Explorer 8642 PVR so this problem isn't limited to the Netbox.

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Re: Recordings dissapeare​d Nextbox 3.0

I have this issue with Centre Ice Hockey broadcasts. Absolutely, this is caused by the channel signal being cut when the game ends. In the past, the game feed would switch to the text display directly. Now, the signal is cut entirely for 2 to 5 minutes before the text display comes up. You can see this happen if you watch the end of a game live - and you can see the record function terminate simultanoeously with the signal loss. It would not be an issue if the recording software was smart enough to maintain what has been recorded when the signal is lost.


I have called to report this problem repeatedly. The customer service reps refuse to acknowledge that a customer could have any details about a problem. They say anything to get you off the phone - generally booking service calls for non-existant signal level issues or telling you to change to PVR.

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Re: Recordings dissapeared Nextbox 3.0

@websurferdude wrote:

Two weeks ago i lost 30% of my recordings - down from 60% to 30% (have an extender attached)  This is the second time i've lost a significant percentage of recordings - last time prior was the Sunday after time change.


Tech support thought it might be the extender acting up or a firmware issue.


Next time it happens (and it will!), i'll eliminate the extender from the equation to see if that solves the problem!

We lost a large percentage of random recordings a few weeks ago too!  Here is the post:

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Re: Recordings dissapeare​d Nextbox 3.0

Yes, I think this makes sense. The signal DOES cut out after a game. Why can't Rogers just go back to previous, when it just went to the games schedule? Problem solved, no?


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Re: Recordings dissapeare​d Nextbox 3.0

I believe thias likely is caused by something new that has been happening after games. The channel will cut off and go to a black screen, saying unauthorized. Only for a minute or so, but this will stop the recording and cancel the save. Rogers can't seem to understand that this likely is the reason ehy the problem is happening. Time for them and their engineers to smarten up?

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Re: Recordings dissapeare​d Nextbox 3.0

That problem is discussed in this thread and it seems Rogers knows about it although not all support staff.


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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Recordings dissapeare​d Nextbox 3.0

Yes - the problem only occurs with stations that are not active all the time such as the Centre Ice channels (~450 to 470). The game broadcast and the text filler / radio audio used to switch directly. Since about Feb 01, the station signal goes off completely between these switches. At first, it was just at the end of a game. Now it is at the beginning as well. The PVR recording software stops recording and erases anything that has been recorded when the station signal drops out. It does not matter if the recording is set ahead of time or during the broadcast. When set, the recording shows up in the list of scheduled recordings. While recording, it shows up in the recorded list until the end of the game when the station signal drops out and the recording deletes.


The problem is clear and repeatable. Please tell us that Rogers will take action.

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