Recorded content stopping after 2 mins

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Recorded content stopping after 2 mins

I recorded the Tragically Hips final concert on CBC (which I in the past re-watched from the PvR and it worked fine) the recording itself says it’s 220minutes but when I play it now it just stops at about two to three minutes and goes back to the “List” menu


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Re: Recorded content stopping after 2 mins

Hey @Bill8256!


Sorry to hear you're unable to watch your recorded content! Can you confirm for us if this is the only recorded content that isn't working? Or is this occurring with all recorded programs?


I assume you've tried the following?


 - Test recording a new program

 - Rebooting the PVR

 - (If you have whole home PVR) testing on another box


Keep us posted!



I'm an Enthusiast
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Re: Recorded content stopping after 2 mins

I recently recorded a series of episodes broadcast in marathon fashion of the original "Mad About You" sitcom. When I played them back, some episodes were only 2 or 3 minutes long while others were 29 or 30 minutes long. I'm guessing the shortened episodes were the result of the PVR rebooting.