Re-registering for (de-linking accounts)?

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re-registering for (de-linking accounts)?

It's a bit of a strange question but how do I re-register for Anyplace TV ( (I know I can't do it myself but who do I ask without getting a textbook reply)?  I had to re-register for MyRogers with an email address instead of a login name some time ago and I can log in into with those new credentials but it's completely broken and even has the postal code in My Profile--->Personal Info tab that is 6 years old (from the time I first tried anyplacetv in 2010, which new users don't even have to provide anymore). I can't change it and tech support (both phone and chat) are not helping at all (seems they can't change it either lol). Is there a way to re-register anew for anyplace tv the same way you can re-register for a new MyRoggers account? I think doing it all anew will be better than trying to fix all that mess spending more hours on the phone. Thanks in advance for any input.




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Re: Re-registering for (de-linking accounts)?

Hi @Vikentieff


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Let’s figure this out for you!


What happens when you try to log into, is there an error?


Under Profile on MyRogers, is the account registered the correct account number?


Please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps the next time you are online and we can assist your MyRogers profile.



I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 29

Re: Re-registering for (de-linking accounts)?

Thank you for the reply. I sent a PM to CommunityHelps. I've provided them with a very detailed request and I hope they can help me resolve the issue. If CH can't do it, I guess we would need to ask the back office team for assistance.