ROD not working

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Re: ROD not working

the code for the volume control in the intructions is WRONG! I had to go online to find the correct one.
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Re: ROD not working

@user562 wrote:

Had the box last year with NO PROBLEMS. Meanwhile my cable bill comes and I've been charged for an extra outlet and and my monthly fee has increased due to my signal being "digitized"?
An extra charge that someone at Rogers store said I needed to get ROD.
Service guy on phone said he never heard of this! I'll now return the cable I bought and now consider changing to Bell like the guy at the electronics store suggested!!!!

What package do you have? How many outlets authorized? What cable boxes and/or digital adapters? I thought all digital packages included ROD. It's on the remote. It's a money-maker for Rogers if you order extra cost movies as such.


The earlier packages had an additional digital charge, whereas the current ones have it included (hidden).

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I'm Here A Lot
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Re: ROD not working

I have 2 adapters but i was told no charge. Basic cable with 1 outlet for tv and 1 for computer. I
expected a one time fee for the box like last year
but didn't get it. Im getting sportsnet 1 for free though?!
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Re: ROD not working


Had to call support and explain for an hour, was told somone would contact me.... no call but tried ROD a week later snd it's working.

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Re: ROD not working



On demand not loading Rebooted. No luck Been with Rogers for years but recent problems are really pushing my loyalty. Tech out recently signal is good. Becoming very frustrated