Programming TV with 5-mode Remote

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Re: Programming TV with 5-mode Remote

@Der_Schmengie :


Have you tried code 1423?  I got this from the code finder for the remotes:


There are more codes there as well.  If not, try contacting URC.


Before exchanging your remote, which Rogers will do for free, check out the following post/thread on what the new RF remote will not do.



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Re: Programming TV with 5-mode Remote

How Do I Erase or Delete a Programmed Device (CD Player) from "AUD" Key?


I currently use the "AUD" key to control my Technics receiver. However I recently relocated my Technics CD player to the same floor as my receiver location. Now when I press the "AUD" button followed by the "power" button, both the receiver and the CD player power on.

How do I remove the Technics CD player from the "AUD" key on the remote so that the key only powers on my Technics receiver?

Thank you.

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Re: Programming TV with 5-mode Remote

Hello @oaky,


Having one remote that can control all your devices is great except when it starts controlling other devices unexpectedly! =(


From what you have described it sounds like the Receiver and the CD Player use the same Universal Remote code which is not surprising as both devices are made by the same company, Technics.  Since you have an "AUD" button on your remote instead of the "Audio" button the new RF (radio frequency) remotes have you are most likely using an IR (Infrared) remote. You should be able to put a piece of opaque tape over the IR receiver on the CD player which will prevent the remote from turning on the device with your Receiver. 


If you are unable to locate the IR Receiver on the CD player or if the tape trick does not work you'll need to relocate the CD player. Since the same code is being used for both devices the remote cannot differentiate the two devices.


I hope this helps!



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Resident Expert
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Re: Programming TV with 5-mode Remote

As mentioned above, it may be that your player and your AVR have the same IR "code," in which case there is little you can do, outside of what was mentioned above. However, sometimes if devices are connected by HDMI, the HDMI-CEC connection may turn one device on when the other device is turned on. See the following FAQ on HDMI, item 4.  You'll need to turn off HDMI-CEC on both devices, if applicable.


Other options are outlined in the following thread, post 2, etc:


For example, I use an "IR blocker" for one of my boxes...

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Re: Programming TV with 5-mode Remote

Yes, changed to new batteries. And flashing five time stopped. Programming worked! This is with the URC2125 remote. Thanks.
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Re: Programming TV with 5-mode Remote

The URC2125 has backlit buttons that light up anytime one gets touched. If you keep your remotes in a chair pocket like I do, those backlit remotes will wear out the batteries quickly when they light up every time they're jiggled.

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