Program Code for TCL 65" TV?

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Program Code for TCL 65" TV?

I'm using the 4-button remote:  CHAMPION PLUS URC2125B0-BB
I have the 65" TCL Model: 65S425 TV. gives me codes 2434 and 3183

I've tried everything, auto and manual code entry and can't get the remote to control the tv.
the thing is i follow the steps. here:

1. I press the mode button (tv)
2. I press and hold setup until tv blinks twice.
3. I begin to enter the 4 digit code. 
But when I do this, it reverts back to cable and tries to change the channel. Even with the box off, the cable button lights up during number entry.

Any thoughts?



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Re: Program Code for TCL 65" TV?

Good evening @clockwork58,


Thank you for your post! Being able to control your TV with your digital terminal remote is key.


Please try the following steps to program your Rogers Champion remote:

  1. Press and hold SETUP until LED blinks twice.
  2. Press TV mode key.
  3. Press and hold OK.
  4. Release key when TV turns off.
  5. Press the POWER button to check whether it turns on the TV.

Since the Rogers remote control is a universal remote, you can program it for other components by repeating the steps above and substituting the TV button with the respective device button (DVD, Audio, etc.).


Hope this helps!



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Program Code for TCL 65" TV?

I've tried this already many times. Both automatic and manual entry following instructions on urcsupport web site.

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Re: Program Code for TCL 65" TV?

Hello again, @clockwork58


It's disappointing to see that you were unable to get the remote programmed for your TV using the steps and the codes outlined on the website. =(


The manual scanning option can take some time to find the right code, how long did you attempt this for? While the universal remote is able to control most devices not all devices are supported. If after exhausting the manual code scanning option the remote still cannot control your TV it may not be compatible.


Keep the Community posted on the results!



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Program Code for TCL 65" TV?

I attempted several times to do the automatic scan by holding OK button while the tv light flashes quickly as it cycles through codes. Nothing happened.

I also attempted to enter the manual codes from URCsupport web site: 2434 and 3183.
When i try to enter those manual codes, for some reason as soon as i press a number, it reverts back to cable and tries to change the channel. 

I had this remote working fine with my previous samsung tv