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Re: Problems with On Demand

@jays77 wrote:
I find the best results for using VOD fo watch TV shows is to use the ON Demand button --click on the network ( CBC, CTV, Global etc.) and select the show and episode from there.

Using "search" I notice many shows and episodes are not listed.
Note: I have the Nextbox 2.

OK. I figured it was worth a shot. I rebooted the PVR first. When I used the ON DEMAND button and navigated to the channels section (dramas and comedies) I tried hitting on Showcase and got a message that I was not subscribed to that station blah blah! Problem is I get that channel (39) with my current package. I also get A&E and History but the system is telling me I am not subscribed to those either. I can however access AMC and the Canadian network channel programmes. So what gives? Is this a hardware issue or second-rate software purchased from the back of a van?


Rogers, FIX THIS!

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Re: Problems with On Demand

Hi @Cap07,


Are you on a VIP plan? The OnDemand content for those channels are available if you have a VIP package. We will have to look into your account to verify your package in order to rule out the possibility of this being package related. Please reach out to @CommunityHelps



I'm a Regular
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Re: Problems with On Demand

I called last week and have a ticket open. I'm told Rogers techs are checking the box remotely. At this writing I'm still unable to access Showcase, A&E and History via On Demand despite the fact I can watch them live. Now I notice I can't access CHCH either. I can however, access AMC and the usual Canadian channels.


I do not have VIP. I have Digital Plus and the Plus Extra Pac.

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Re: Problems with On Demand

rogers should have all the tv networks on demand abc, cbs fox , cw nbc  my 38 bosten wpix11 wgn ktla , peachtree tv  to watch tv shows too

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Re: Problems with On Demand

Hello @timaitchison,


Thanks for your feedback!


We always welcome suggestions on how to improve our services, including our On Demand content. 


Stay tuned! Smiley Wink