Pop-up boxes on TV screen

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Pop-up boxes on TV screen

I continually have 4 white pop up boxes that appear on the bottom left corner of my TV screen...the four boxes are Dolby,USD,FullHD and HDMI. They appear for about 15 seconds...disappear, then reappear continually. I can't get it to stop !



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Re: Pop-up boxes on TV screen

@Barklikeadog : Questions, comments below:


1. What is the make/model of your TV?

2. What is the make/model number of your Rogers box?

3. Often these sorts of things are a result of IR interference from other devices.  See link below:




4. It appears that this is coming from the TV and not from the Rogers Box.  What happens when you turn off the Rogers Box?  What happens if you disconnect the HDMI Cable?  Have you tried a different HDMI port on the TV?

5. What other devices are connected to the TV?  Does the same thing happen there?

6. Is the picture from the Rogers box showing up properly on your TV?

7. Are you on the proper input on the TV?  

8. You say USD. Are you sure it's not USB.  Are you on the USB input instead of HDMI?