Poor picture quality

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Poor picture quality

Picture fuzzy last fewdays


Any cable issues in the area L1N8V4

Retired Moderator RogersAli
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Re: Poor picture quality

Hey @esormin


Welcome to the Community 🙂 


I know poor picture quality can be quite disruptive for a TV watching experience. We haven't been notified of any issues in the postal code you've mentioned. 


May I know when did you first notice the issue? 

Is this issue specific to one channel or is it happening on all channels? 

Do you have any other boxes in the household that are impacted? 


Please let us know. 






I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Poor picture quality

These issues began a few days ago, and is prevalent in all channels.    We have two Netboxes, one upstairs and one down stairs, with both have identical issues.  One of your customer service guys was helping me via texting/chatting earlier this evening, but we got cut off before we were done.  Not fun.

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Re: Poor picture quality

What do you mean by poor picture quality?  In this digital age, the picture is usually either "perfect" or not there (black screen).  There is a very narrow band of signal strength that may produce pixellation of the picture.  Call Rogers and have them check the signal in your home and neighbourhood.  Here's a post on the topic of signal strength: