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Poor in house cable line to upstairs

I plan to stick around

Have had many channels "black out" at any given time. Watching one minute, change channels, then come back seconds later, and the channel is blacked out. Usually lasts a few minutes, to approx. 1/2 hour or so.  Blacks out many other channels at the time.

Set up appt. for the ignite deal. The tech's came in and tested the lines. One line is not good they surmised. That's the line I need. They suggested that I reposition all TV and Computer, gaming, etc. needs, .... to another floor of the residence. They said that there was nothing they can do to help me further? Really? The lines were placed by Rogers, and now I am billed for the service, even though the service is faulty? 

Any help would be appreciated. Been a Rogers subscriber for over 50 years! Now that their service is not working, they are not willing to replace the same lines that they had installed? Where does that leave the consumer? Everything is ok, until there's a problem with their equipment? Then you are on your own? Yikes! Help.


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Re: Poor in house cable line to upstairs


Good evening @1steve,


I can understand where you're coming from. We would have to review the technician's notes in your account to assist you further.


Please send us a PM @CommunityHelps so we can access your account and recommend next steps.





Re: Poor in house cable line to upstairs

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

ISP's these days are not as generous as they once were, in terms of running internal cables.  Rogers techs will not fish cables thru walls.  The best you can expect is for a tech to drill a hole thru an external wall and feed a cable into an external wall and install an outlet, or, in the absence of fishing a cable thru a wall, the tech will most likely staple a cable along the edge of the wall.  You would have to decide if either of those are acceptable.  


The ISP responsibility ends at the external demarcation point, which is usually outside of the garage, near the power meter.  That's the point where the external cable from the local tap meets the cable that runs into the home.  From that point, the homeowner owns the internal cabling and its really the homeowners responsibility to install and fish cabling thru walls if required.  As the vast majority of homeowners aren't capable of doing that, they have to call in a company which deals with residential communications cabling, or call in an electrician to fish cabling to the desired location.  


Its pretty unusual for internal cabling to go bad.  If your cabling has been in place for a good number of years, there's a chance that its RG-59, which is built for analogue tv use.  RG-6 is the current standard.  It has lower signal loss in comparison to RG-59.  If you look at the cable jacket, somewhere in your basement, you should be able to read the cable type off of the jacket.  It will indicate RG-59 or RG-6.  


Speculation on my part, if you recently switched to the new Ignite TV system, which uses a much newer transmission technology, and you have RG-59 cabling, that could result in problems, depending on how much signal loss there is from the external demarcation point to the modem.  


Are you still using a Nextbox for tv, or are you using the newer set top boxes which are very small in comparison?



Re: Poor in house cable line to upstairs

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Resident Expert

If the coax cable leading to upstairs is faulty or inferior, then there is a chacne it was not installed by rogers. Maybe it was installed by a builder or even a brother-in law, and may not be up to spec, Rogers has installed new cables in the past but do not expect them to professionally fish it thru your walls, they can run a cable but they may drill thru your dwelling and run it on the outside brick or siding and into the second floor room.  if you want a professional install to fish and hide the cable wires you should hire someone independently

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