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Re: Pick & Pay - CRTC

Hello @robindp
Oh okay!!:)
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Re: Pick & Pay - CRTC

Yes that's correct, the skinny basic package is one package offered to both English and French speaking customers as the CRTC mandates english and french speaking customers ALL have access to the same mandated channels.. 


Also another thing that irks me, why has no one changed the topic? its misleading?   March 1st is the "Skinny Basic" launch not Pick and Pay, however the cable co's are offering a "limited" pick and pay at this time, however, people are getting mad at the cable companies, not just Rogers because they think their pick and pay is not as extensive as if they want it to be, what I tell the people is hold your horses and wait until December.  if ur not happy, just keep what you got now and change it when the new system comes out, we dont even know what will come out in december but we know it will be pick and pay for any channel out side of the skinny basic package (I Hope)

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Re: Pick & Pay - CRTC

I was hoping that the pick and choose add ons were available for packages beyond the starter package, as well as having more options for it, as I'd like to get the food network, space or teletoon without having to get digital plus, but that doesn't look like it's an option.

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Re: Pick & Pay - CRTC

The current thing is that they only have to have the Skinny basic.. and then addon packages for it.
To get food and space, you would have to pay for the two addon packages.

$25 + drama & comedy pack $10 + variety pack $10 = 45


So still cheaper than the $65 digital plus.



Unfortunately until the full pick and pay (Dec at the latest) would you potentially be able to then get  the basic + just those two channels

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Re: Pick & Pay - CRTC

Hello Rogers Land 🙂


  I was looking through the Starter Theme Packs that are available as of today and I was curious if any of them are available to subscribers of your digital basic package? 


basically I was thinking I would probably pay $10 a month to have the USA News Networks (as it includes CNN). but the News theme pack in the other packages does NOT include CNN andit only $6.95??


is there a way to get the USA News Network theme pack with a digital basic package? Or do I have to downgrade to the Starter to get the new theme packs? 


Thanks for your time. 

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Re: Pick & Pay - CRTC

Only the Starter Package can get the Starter Theme Packs.

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Re: Pick & Pay - CRTC

I have the Cantonese Super Pack (Fairchild+Fairchild2+LS) with Digital VIP pack and 3 outlets at home.


Can I use the new starter package (24.99) and add the Cantonese Super Pack and keep the 3 outlets at home (which I think I only need to pay 7.49/mth that cover all outlets?


Or I have to wait until Dec 2016?

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Re: Pick & Pay - CRTC

I was hoping to add a few channels to Digital Basic and not have to make the jump up to Digital Plus. The Skinny Package doesn't qualify for bundling or loyalty discounts, so it's not cheaper overall.

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Re: Pick & Pay - CRTC

How did you even find the starter package? I looked for half an hour to find it on their website to no avail. I know (like Bell) they are doing everything to hide the fact that the starter package is even available.


I just renewed with them, knowing that the new starter package would be available shortly and they ensured me we could adjust our services when it was offered, but they knew little about it (that was about 2 weeks ago).


Is the only way to get the starter package is to phone them??


Edit: Ok I found the starter package. It isn't available if you already have cable and you are signed on. ie it won't show up for current subscribers who are signed on. If you are not logged in then it is there for the $24.99.


Now the question is, is the starter package channels provided in HD or 'VHS quality'??

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Re: Pick & Pay - CRTC

I called them on Monday night and chatted with a very nice and helpful service representative about the Starter Package.


1) The stations are all in HD. There is no gotcha there... so that is nice.


2) The starter package will not be available as any bundle offer. This is the gotcha. If your get the starter package, then you pay full price for the other services (phone and internet). No bundle discounts.


! currently have some pretty big discounts in my package, which includes basic cable. Dropping to the starter package would be great and save me about $20 on the TV I watch. However I get dinged on the "triple-play" bundle discounts on the other services. I am still evaluating what to do.