PVR Repair service?

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Re: PVR Repair service?

Hello I have a nextbox 3.0 that won’t access recordings, record or pause live tv. It says pause but it doesn’t. I tried swapping out a hard drive from my working pvr but it didn’t help. Could you send me the info just in case I am missing something.
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Re: PVR Repair service?

I hope you're not looking to watch programming from your working PVR because they are tied to that PVR and are not viewable in another device.  I also hope that the "broken" PVR didn't try to format that drive since it would have erased any recordings on that drive.


It's probably the iHDD (internal Hard Disk Drive) that's the problem, but you need to put in an appropriate drive and then format it (which often happens automatically, but perhaps requires some intervention at startup).  See the following thread on replacing the iHDD on a 9865.



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Re: PVR Repair service?

Please contact CSI (The CableShoppe Inc.)
1410 Birchmount Road
Toronto, Ontario M1P 2E3
Email: sales@thecableshoppe.com
Phone: +1 (416) 293 – 3634
Fax: +1 (416) 293 – 5258
They are the authorized repair Depot of net box. Their repair charges are very reasonable. It $56 plus tax and I'd the harday drive is to be replaced $106 plus tax. They also give one year warranty.
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Re: PVR Repair service?

The City for the Cable Shoppe Inc is actually Scarborough not Toronto, but I guess since Amalgamation its all one City now I guess. 

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