PIxelation - Poor signal?

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PIxelation - Poor signal?

I have 2 HD boxes. For the last few weeks, they have a similar issue, every now and than, video will appear pixelated or choppy, sometime even freeze that I needed to change to different channel and back to restore it. I followed the instructions to check the signal. And they are in the normal range according to the instructions online. The boxes are either between -5 to 3 and noise are at 35 or 36.  Is there any other reasons I have the problems that I am having? Thanks in advance!


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Re: Poor signal?

Although your signals look fine, there could be other issues in the connection to your home or neighbourhood.  Have to talked to your neighbours to see if they have similar issues?  It could be a temporary issue like a poor connection.  I can only suggest that you call Rogers and have them check other aspects of the signal to see if there's something else wrong. They can check this remotely.


You could also try contacting the @CommunityHelps people here via PM.


You didn't mention the make/model of your box(es).  If PVRs, it could possibly be the internal hard drive is starting to fail but that's unlikely if it's the same issues on both boxes.


I recently had an issue and the cause ended up being a poor (older) splitter on the outside of my home where the split was done between internet and cable/phone.