Outlander new episodes on demand?

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Re: Outlander new episodes on demand?

Only the episode - everything else seems to work fine.
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Re: Outlander new episodes on demand?

Hi @Chelleyray1

Thank you so much! We appreciate you taking the time to check on this for us. The good news is that we were able to replicate the issue on our end so seeing it resolved is a simple process. It does appear to be an issue with viewing Outlander on RAPTV. As you're unable to reach us via PM I'd recommend contacting our support either via

RogersHelps: Twitter Facebook
LiveChat or
Phone: 1 855 381-7838

Once you have done so they'll be able to validate our findings and escalate a ticket for you to have this resolved. In there interim it should be working ok On Demand through your cable box.

If there's anything else you need though definitely let us know!


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Re: Outlander new episodes on demand?

I went to Rogers on demand tonight. Selected vip...chose the w channel...scrolled along the bottom...seen outlander...went to choose the episode and it disappeared! Turned the box off and on again. Still not there!!! I have to say Rogers on demand is awful. Some series will have episodes 1,2,4,5 or episodes 1,2 in HD 3 in SD etc....
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Re: Outlander new episodes on demand?

ROD in my SARA system has Outlander S.04 E.03 and S.04 E.03 in SD and HD.

SA8300HD, SA8300SD, DTA50, LG-E410B PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Outlander new episodes on demand?

Yesterday morning, my wife was complaining ROD wasn't working again.  After rebooting, I went to test it out and just happened to choose Outlander from the most popular category and it errored out.  I went to 'W' and Outlander was not in the list of shows there at all.  I did run a search and found it there, it was just not showing up where you expected to find it (and it seem to be all there today).


On another note, ROD on one PVR has been slow loading/navigating and giving all kinds of errors recently with #44, #45 and others and to call some number.  Reboots were hit/miss, I'd get a bit further into the menu's then hit  another error.  I did find the PVR was over 80% full, so I cleaned that up and ROD seems to be quick to load and navigate and all is well again.  I assume ROD caches some data or directory stuff on the PVR space and just couldn't fit it in, or that freespace was fragmented in little bits across the drive maybe?  Anyway time will tell if it remains stable again but so far so good.



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Re: Outlander new episodes on demand?

Have you figured out why you can't show ALL THE EPISODES THAT HAVE ALREADY AIRED???

I missed last weeks episode, how can I watch it????

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Re: Outlander new episodes on demand?


Hello, @rajhundal.  


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Thank you for posting your query in the Community. The new shows are generally posted 48 hours after they have aired by the broadcaster. There are exceptional situations which can cause delay, but our goal is to always have the latest shows available to you within 48 hours.


If the last week's show is not visible for you, we can submit a ticket please send us a private message @CommunityHelps. Please check our blog if you require assistance with the private messaging.  




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