One Netbox HD and 3 tvs

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One Netbox HD and 3 tvs


Until march 2015 I was able to received about 60 channels on basement TV that wasn't  connected to my netbox HD.

Now I cannot get more then 26 channels.

My netbox is connected to the livingroom TV.

What can I do to get 60 channels on the basement TV?

Would buying an other Netbox solve the problem? 

Anyone have a practical solution?



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Re: One Netbox HD and 3 tvs

I have news for you. Rogers has been transitioning to digital for the last couple of years and informing you of the channel changes at the bottom of your bill from time to time. If your basement TV is connected straight to the cable, you'd be lucky to get the aquarium channel.  You needed to get a free digital adapter from Rogers. This was also announced on your Rogers bills.


I don't even know if they're still available because I remember reading they won't be available after May 15th.


The only other option is to get a cable box. In either case, you may have to pay for an extra outlet if your account does not have one.

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