Nextbox vertical bars instead of numbers

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Nextbox vertical bars instead of numbers

My nextbox powered itself off on it's own. I unplugged everything, waited, and then re-plugged it in, but I'm not getting anything on my tv (I'm on the right input). The clock, instead of displaying numbers or a code, is doing something weird. The top left and bottom right side segments of each digit are lit up but nothing else, so it looks like




on each number. I've been waiting 40 minutes for someone to answer my tech support live chat. Is it just dead? (I really wanted to watch the world juniors canada/usa gold medal game!!)


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Re: Nextbox vertical bars instead of numbers

Try another reboot by unplugging/replugging the box.  Do any numbers appear on the display at any time during the reboot process. It usually takes about 5-6 minutes to completely reboot.


Do you have another box in the home?  If so, you may wish to check the signal using that as discussed in the following post.  Move the other box to the location of the problem box.  Most issues are related to a poor signal in your home or neighbourhood.


Once you're in touch with Rogers they can also check the signal remotely.  It's certainly possible the box is bad, but that's relatively rare. What's the make and exact model number of the box.