Nextbox 3 reboot again?

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Nextbox 3 reboot again?

Woman MadWe have error code when wanting to view a recording (054) not enough room on hard drive. Tired of having to reboot every time we go to watch the following day???This has been going on for three weeks. Several calls to TECH SUPPORT they get me to reboot it works   and thats all folks.............




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Re: Nextbox 3 reboot again?

Ok I am getting that exact same message last night and now its been 10 hours later with rebooting a few times and still that message. Anyone have any answers??? Hate to need to return it with so many programs that would be lost forever . Did that about 6 months ago and was not happy

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Re: Nextbox 3 reboot again?

I haven't seen that myself. I have a ton of recordings too, mind you I have an extender on it so would take over 200+ hours to be even close.

How full is it % wise?
Heard quite a number of people claim various problems when 80% or higher

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